Discontinuation of the Ocean Tablet App on the Google Play Store

As of March 2022, the Ocean Tablet App will no longer be available on the Google Play Store. Moving forward, Ocean users should download the Ocean Tablet App directly from our support resources. This will ensure that users are consistently installing the most up to date version of the app.

To update your Ocean Tablet App, users can easily update directly from within the app settings on your device, or within the Ocean portal at the click of a button. For more details, please see the article on upgrading Ocean Tablets.

NEW: Ocean Portal Launches New & Improved Admin Settings Page

We are pleased to share that we have released a new and improved Admin Settings page in the Ocean Portal.  While the settings and features will remain unchanged, we have replaced the left-hand menu with a new overview page which organizes the settings by category and provides additional information about the settings that can be accessed on each page.

What has changed?

To navigate to a specific page, Ocean Admin users will now click the blue heading links (See Admin Settings image below).


To navigate back to the main settings overview page, users can use the breadcrumbs in the navigation bar or the back button in your browser (see orange highlighted section in the Site Features image below).

To learn more about the Admin Settings Page and view detailed explanations of the various features and pages it includes, please visit the Admin Settings overview here.



Important Ocean Patient Messages Alert - User Licence Required for All Users After July 14th

In July 2020, CognisantMD announced the discontinuation of the “Ad Hoc” Patient Messages pricing model licence. Under this legacy licence, Ocean users did not require a dedicated Patient Messages user licence in order to send patient messages and/or complete forms in the Ocean Portal (clinics were instead billed on a per-message/per-form completed basis).

As a courtesy, some clinics retained access to this pricing model for an additional year to allow for a smooth transition. However, support for this licensing model will be officially disabled on July 14th, 2021. Please note that any messages sent prior to that date will not be impacted, and any patient responses/form completions will appear in the chart as expected.

In order to send patient messages/complete forms in the Ocean Portal after July 14th, clinics currently using the legacy licence model will need to enable Patient Messages & Reminders user licences by following one of the following options:

  • An admin user on the Ocean account can manually enable Patient Messages & Reminders licences at any time from the Ocean Portal using the instructions here
  • For assistance configuring a messaging licence, a support ticket can be submitted here: ocean.tips/support. 
  • Clinics can complete the form here to request a call with a CognisantMD team member to review their account and request support during this transition. 


New! Styled Emails for Patient Messages and Reminders

As of December 23rd 2020, emails sent through Ocean for patient messages and reminders will have a new and improved look and feel. In response to client and patient feedback, we have updated all Ocean emails to incorporate a simple, grey background frame, updated font, improved link styling, and a clear identifying footer (see below).    

With these changes, we hope to give patients greater confidence in the authenticity of both the message and links included. We are also making it much easier for patients to verify the security of the Ocean Platform by incorporating a clear footer with a link to a page that explains how Ocean is used by healthcare providers to communicate with patients.

We continue to aim to provide the most secure, reliable, and easy to use tools for patient engagement, and we look forward to sharing even bigger improvements to our Ocean templates in the new year. Stay tuned!


Ad Hoc Patient Message Licence Discontinued on July 1, 2020

In an effort to simplify product pricing and ensure a consistent approach across our customer base, CognisantMD has discontinued the legacy "Ad Hoc" Patient Messages pricing model. This per-message pricing approach has been replaced with the Patient Messages & Reminders user licence (*$25/month per user + delegate). Ocean users can enable this licence from the Ocean Portal using the instructions here

If you have questions or concerns about this change, please create a support ticket at ocean.tips/support

CognisantMD Office Closure due to Flood

We had a wild day yesterday at the CognisantMD office: a sprinkler a couple floors above ours sprung a significant leak and flooded the building. The entire building has been closed until the electrical systems can be powered up. 

The customer success team and the operations team is working remotely and we don't anticipate a significant impact on service levels. The Ocean Platform is hosted in an offsite data centre is not affected. We will update this ticket when we have more information about when you'll find us back at 3080 Yonge!

Now Live: Wait Times in Ocean for Diagnostic Imaging

Wait Times Updated Automatically

CognisantMD is pleased to announce the limited availability of live, up-to-date wait times on the Ocean Healthmap. Ocean’s wait time calculations are based on nightly calculations of referrals sent and processed through the Ocean eReferral Network.

Wait time data is currently available for a subset of Healthmap listings as part of an initial limited release. However, all listings accepting Ocean eReferrals (including listings that receive faxed referrals via an Ocean-eReferral-enabled central intake site) will display wait times in the coming months.

What Wait Times are Currently Available?

Wait times in Waterloo Wellington LHIN via the System Coordinated Access Program are now available for all referrals within the diagnostic imaging pathway in Waterloo Region, including but not limited to MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Nuclear Imaging.

Additional wait time data may be displayed for specialist and program listings that fall outside the System Coordinated Access Program. The list of specialist clinics accepting eReferrals and reporting live wait times is growing rapidly and is updated in the directory on a nightly basis.

Utilizing Wait Times on Ocean Healthmap

  • Viewing Wait Times

    • Users interested in viewing wait times can start by accessing the map-based directory by visiting OceanHealthMap.ca or by using their EMR single-sign-on integration. To see a sample of available wait times, try visiting Waterloo region and browsing for common diagnostic imaging tests (e.g. "MRI").
    • Note: Users must search specifically for a health service rather than using a "keyword" search to see a wait time. If a wait time is available, it will be shown in the text description of the match.
  • Sorting by Wait Time

    • Once a search displays its initial results, users may choose to sort by wait time (either Wait 1, the time until the initial consult, or Wait 2, the time from the consult until the intervention).
  • Viewing More Details

    • To view more details about a wait time, users may click on the wait time link displayed in blue. This will open the listing page with a popup displaying more detailed information. This includes the sample size used for the calculation as well as any additional details provided by the listing's administrator regarding wait times.

To learn more, visit our article about how Ocean wait times are calculated.

New Feature: Announcements in Ocean

If you’ve logged into the Ocean Portal or the Ocean Healthmap recently, you may have noticed a new button in the top right corner. This is the new Announcements feature.

We want to make it easier for you to stay connected and up to date with news that’s relevant to your practice. Through the Announcement button, Ocean administrators can send you information about:

  • New features
  • Custom form updates
  • System updates specific to your EMR
  • Scheduled downtimes and other outages
  • Release notes

You can view announcements by clicking on the announcements button to the left of your site and user menus.

The number in the top right corner of the Announcements button tells you how many unread announcements you have in the announcements panel.

A blue “dot” on the right hand side of an announcement indicates it is new.

A link icon indicates the announcement is associated with a blog post, Zendesk article, or web link that provides more context.

Announcements will exist on your dashboard until they are no longer pertinent.

Complimentary Kiosk SimulCharge Replacement Offer!

June 2018: Complimentary Kiosk SimulCharge Replacement Offer!

If you are currently using the Ocean Check-In Kiosk, you will know that one of the peripheral components within your kiosk is a small charge-splitter, called the Lava SimulCharge USB.

Unfortunately, we have recently become aware of an issue with this component, which may cause the SimulCharge USB device to become unreliable and, over time, it could potentially reduce the life of your kiosk tablet.

While these issues may not affect all of our customers, as part of our commitment to customer service, we have decided to replace the old model of SimulCharge USB devices for all of our Ocean kiosk clients at no additional charge. The manufacturer has ensured us that the new model is more reliable and robust than the previous version, and it has been designed to support extended commercial use.

In your complimentary SimulCharge replacement package, you will find your upgraded SimulCharge device, as well as a set-up diagram to help you re-assemble your kiosk. As an added protection, the SimilCharge manufacturer highly recommends that you install their recently-released battery modulation app (instructions are included in the package).

Finally, we would greatly appreciate it if you could use the enclosed, self-addressed, stamped envelope to return your existing SimulCharge USB device.

We sincerely hope that you will be satisfied with your new kiosk upgrade. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about any of the above.

We would also love to hear how things are going! When time permits, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help make Ocean better for you by filling out our quick survey at: ocean.tips/feedback.

PS Suite Users: Important Update to Framingham Risk and Cardiovascular Age Custom Form

As part of our commitment to open clinical content, we distribute free community tools in the Clinical Content Library, including custom forms for TELUS PS Suite. In one of those tools, the Framingham Risk and Cardiovascular Age calculator for PS Suite, an error has been brought to our attention relating to cholesterol calculations for female patients. This resulted in the form logic miscalculating risk for female patients whose cholesterol values were above 5.1 by up to 3%.

Note that this issue is only related to the custom form from the CognisantMD library, and not the CVDRisk stamp in PS Suite.

We recommend that you update this custom form immediately from the CognisantMD Resource Library; version 1.1 is now available with the fix.

To help you identify any patient charts that have been assessed using this form, we have attached a PS Suite reminder definition that you can use to review patient charts for reassessment. We recommend you run this reminder if you have used the tool at your clinic.

We will also be reaching out to contact users that our logs indicate have used this custom form.

Please contact us if you need any help with the above steps or have any questions at ocean.tips/support.

New Feature: Export Related Studies

With one of the latest Ocean features, you can now bulk export studies that have aligned participant keys. Study data for each study will appear in a single Excel document, making it easier for you to track patients over time using the participant key.

To export all related study data, login to the Ocean portal and select the Studies tab. Locate the primary study that is being used to generate the participant key and select Export Results

You will be presented with a date range, leave this blank if you wish to export all data. Then, simply check the export related studies box, followed by save to export the complete data set. 

New Feature: eRequest Re-Routing

In order to sort incoming e-requests, we have developed a new feature that will allow you to re-route incoming e-requests depending on answers selected by patients. For example, if you have an e-request link for new patient intake forms at a clinic with multiple locations, you may wish to sort the e-requests based on the patient's preference of clinic location. 

In order to enable this feature, start by creating all of the relevant sites in the Ocean referral directory. You can do this by logging into the Ocean portal and selecting the Admin tab. Select directory listings from the menu on the left hand side, followed by Add New Listing. Complete the required fields to set up the new location. 


Next, hover over the name of your listing in order to see the listing reference. Do this for each site and jot them down so that they can be used to when it's time to edit your form. 

Once you have set up all of the relevant sites, you are ready to edit your e-request form. At the bottom of your form, add a new item (select add item) using formula as the type. In the example below, we have named the item Referral target but you can select any name that makes sense. 

Under note formatting, select never next to Create a note for this item to prevent it from showing up in the clinical notes. 

Next, under the Scripting and More tab, set the item reference (we have labelled it as referralTargetRef, but you can call it any name) and then add a formula to the Formula box. 


To create your formula, you will need your survey question item reference, as well as the listing references mentioned above. Your formula should be something similar to: 

clinic.r == ‘SuperMed Healthcare' ? ‘cognisantmd5429339' : ‘cognisant55490911'   where clinic is the survey item reference name, 'SuperMed Healthcare' is one of the survey response options (r. used in the formula indicates response) and cognisantmd5429339' and ‘cognisant55490911 are the references for the two sites. Once you have added your formula, save the changes. 

You should now be able to see the clinic locations listed under your e-request tab. Use the drop-down menu to toggle back and forth between e-request sites.  


We hope that you enjoy this new feature. If you have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@cognisantmd.com.

Ocean Open API

The Ocean Open API allows EMR vendors and other external services to integrate Ocean capabilities that include seamless access to the Ocean clinical content platform and thousands of clinical forms. Your EMR will be able to leverage cloud-based services to collect data from patients at home (using Ocean Online) or in the waiting room (using Ocean Tablets).

To learn more about integrating with Ocean, visit the EMR Integration and API Integrations pages on our website or view the full Ocean API documentation.

Email Patients Using Your Own Email Address

By default, Patient Messages are sent from Ocean on your behalf using "no-reply@cognisantmd.com" as the "from" email address. While this is a wonderful and stylish email address in its own right, you may want emails sent on your behalf to use an email address of your own choosing. Now you can do so with the Ocean Platform.

Using your own email address has the following benefits:

  1. The email is less likely to be routed to your patient's spam folder.
  2. It's more likely to capture your patient's attention.
  3. In the event that the patient's email address is incorrect, any email 'bounce back' messages can be returned to you instead of being lost.

In order to use this feature, however, you must use your own domain name and have the ability to modify your DNS records with your domain name registrar.  Specifically, you will need to add an SPF record indicating that the Ocean email servers are permitted to send email on your domain's behalf.

As this change requires technical expertise and your own domain name, it's not for everyone. We strongly recommend consulting an IT professional to assist with DNS record modification, as mistakes can result in your emails being improperly flagged as spam, or issues with your website. If you do want to proceed, however, here are the instructions:

  1. Go to your DNS provider's website and check if you have an existing SPF record. Existing SPF records look something like this:
    "v=spf1 ip4: ip4: -all
  2. If you don't have an existing SPF record, we recommend consulting an IT professional to create one. SPF record construction is outside the scope of this article but your domain registrar should have detailed instructions on how to create one. All SPF records are of type "TXT". Once your SPF record has been created, please refer to step 3 below.
  3. If you have an existing SPF record, add the following after v=spf1
    and before -all:
  4. The finished product in the example above would look something like this:
    "v=spf1 include:_spf.cognisantmd.com ip4:xxx.x.x.x/xx ip4:xxx.xx.xx.x ?all"
    or this:
    "v=spf1 include:_spf.cognisantmd.com ?all"
  5. Save your DNS records and allow them time to propagate. This may take an hour or even 1-2 days, depending on your DNS settings. After this time period, test sending some emails using your normal email client to ensure they aren't flagged as spam.
    • You can also verify the SPF configuration by inspecting the full, unformatted email body.  In gmail, you can view this by clicking the three dot icon in the top right and selecting "Show original". The summary should show a section with SPF PASS in it.
      • Tip: the terminal command "dig yourdomainname txt" can help confirm whether the SPF is saving as expected. It should eventually display your SPF record once propagation occurs. Note however that there may still be other delays before the mail servers recognize this change.
  6. Once you have your SPF records configured properly, Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Admin". From the Admin Settings page, click Site Account, and enter your email address in the Email 'From' Address field. When you click "Save", Ocean will validate that your SPF record allows us to send on your behalf. Until it is validated by Ocean, the configuration is not complete.  If it does not pass the validation, we will not send using this address. In that situation, please return to your DNS configuration to ensure the SPF record is correct.

Once successfully set up, Ocean will continue to validate your "from" address periodically to ensure that the SPF record still allows us to email on your behalf. If this changes, we will revert to using our "no-reply" email addresses automatically, so no action is required on your part.

Ocean Usage Report: Now Available!

If you've ever wondered about how much your team is using your tablets, you'll want to check out the new Ocean usage report. You can have it sent nightly and/or weekly, and it will tell you how many patients have used it, what users have used it, what forms are used most often, etc. It's extremely useful for new deployments to monitor staff compliance and for showing to clinic directors how much value you're getting out of an Ocean implementation!

In the next couple weeks, we'll add a summary table of Ocean eRequests so you can see your eRequest traffic from your website and other clinics (i.e. referrals).

To subscribe, simply log into the Ocean Portal, go to "View My Account" in the top right hand corner and check off the reports you want (don't forget to click save after).

That's it! Sneak peak below. Let us know what you think by contacting us at ocean.tips/support!

Tablet Form Scrolling Confusing for Some of Your Patients?

Our most often heard usability criticism was that some patients couldn't figure out how to scroll forms on the tablet. The animated "there's more to see, scroll with your finger" message at the bottom took too long to notice.

Sound familiar? If so, you'll be happy to hear that we redesigned the user experience for scrolling to be more self-evident for all patients using bright colours, more direct text and even an animated finger demonstrating how to scroll. Check it out and let us know what you think.

If you are customizing your own set of forms to use, you can even circumvent the scrolling entirely by splitting a form across several pages. Check the Ocean Training Materials for help with this feature, which is available in the eForm Editor's form properties dialog.

Ocean Tablets Waiting Room Video

Are you using Ocean tablets in your office? Would you like to educate your patients on why they are being asked to enter information on a tablet? The video below is available to all customers for use in waiting rooms and exam rooms. Simply download the file from the link below and play it on a loop setting.

Welcome to the Ocean Community Site!

We're happy to announce that we've launched our new Ocean Community Site. We're going to use it as a "knowledge base" -- a place that you can go to learn more about particular aspects of the Ocean platform -- as well as a "community site", where users can post and answer questions.

A lot of the support material is still on our website here: https://www.cognisantmd.com/support. In the coming weeks, we'll start to build more of it here. Stay tuned!