Setting Up Ocean Cloud Connect


PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR PRO
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About Ocean Cloud Connect

Ocean Cloud Connect enables total configuration of your EMR integration from a secure instance in the cloud that is accessible from any internet-connected device. No on-site device acting as a server (i.e. dedicated OceanConnect tablet) is needed to keep Ocean and your EMR synchronized and active.


You must be an administrative user on your Ocean site in order to sign into or configure Cloud  Connect.

For Accuro Users

Access the Accuro Crosshair main menu> Users > Manage Security > System Settings > General > EMR Settings sub-heading > Check "Enable Document From Field". 

If you are connecting multiple Ocean sites to the same EMR instance, please ensure QHR has provided you with unique API usernames and passwords for each site. The QHR API username can only be connected to one Cloud Connect instance at a time.

For OSCAR Users

There are a few steps that WELL Health must complete on your OSCAR Pro instance before getting started with Ocean. Please follow the steps and complete the form found on the following page: A CognisantMD team member will follow up with you.


Setting Up Ocean Cloud Connect

  1. Sign in to Ocean Cloud Connect.

    • Sign in using your Ocean credentials (i.e. the same credentials as the Ocean Portal).
    • Note: Despite using the same credentials, you must log in to Cloud Connect seperately. Being signed into the Ocean Portal does not automatically sign you into Cloud Connect (or vice versa).
    • Once you've logged in to Cloud Connect, you’ll be able to connect Ocean with your EMR. Click the "Integrate with your EMR" button to begin.
  2. Store your Shared Encryption Key in Cloud Connect.

    • Enter your Shared Encryption Key and then select "Save and Continue".
    • Note: You can now securely store your Share Encryption Key in Cloud Connect for future reference. From the summary screen, click “View Shared Encryption Key” to view and/or update your existing key. Note that Cloud Connect simply stores your Shared Encryption Key and therefore, you cannot change your Shared Encryption Key within Cloud Connect.
  3. Set Up your EMR integration.

    • Select the EMR you would like to integrate with and then select “Next”.
    PS Suite & Med Access Accuro OSCAR PRO
    AML Activation Mobile Activation (Legacy)
    • Acquire your EMR Instance ID and EMR Secret credentials by configuring your Ocean integration module.

      See module configuration instructions for PS Suite or instructions for Med Access.

    • Once entered, the Ocean and TELUS servers will connect to authenticate the integration.

Configure your Cloud Connect settings.

PS Suite & Med Access Accuro OSCAR PRO
  • From here, you can customize your configuration options. However, in most circumstances the default configuration will be sufficient.

    For more details on configuration options, please refer to Customize your Cloud Connect Configuration.

  • Click the “Save” button to complete the setup process.
    • Note: If you clinic does not accept walk in patients, you can safely ignore the fields under the "Walk In" section of the configuration. For more information about walk ins, please consult our guide: Set Up Ocean to Support Walk-In Patients.

  1. Configuration is complete!

    • You will now return to the main summary screen.
    • The "Sync Status" panel on the left will show you if Ocean is synchronizing appointments with your EMR via Cloud Connect, when the last synchronization occurred, and when the next synchronization is scheduled for (full syncs will automatically occur once a day at midnight and appointment syncs will occur automatically every 30 minutes).
    • Once an initial sync has completed, feel free to verify patients are being uploaded correctly by signing into the Ocean Portal, click the Menu button in the top left corner and click Patients.
    • If there are any errors with the configuration, an alert will be displayed on the main summary screen, in the "Sync Status" panel. If this occurs, try clicking the arrow button next to "Sync Recent Appointments" and select "Sync Full Schedule".
  2. Ensure that Cloud Connect is activated in your Ocean Portal.

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal, click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and click "Admin".
    • In the "Site Features" section of the Admin Settings page, verify the "Enable Ocean Cloud Connect" checkbox is checked off.


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