Accuro: Mapping Answers from an Ocean eForm to a Custom Demographics Field


    • Custom demographic fields have been created in Accuro
  • Custom demographic fields are populated for at least 1 patient in Accuro
    • Custom demographic fields must be enabled in Ocean Cloud Connect
  1. Tag your custom demographic note in your Ocean eForm.

    • When you are building your eForms, if you "tag" a caption by surrounding a single word with "@" and ": $$", then the value of that item will be available for use with EMR field mapping.
    • In order to pre-populate the field with the value recorded for that patient in Accuro, ensure that the "Prepopulate this item with" field is set to: "@ptCustom.EMRField" (where 'EMRField' is the name of your custom demographic).
    • Important Note:

      If your custom demographics field is more than one word, you will need to combine them into one word.

      For example: If your custom demographic field is called "Email Consent", your "Custom Note" will be @EmailConsent and your "Prepopulate this item with" field will be @ptCustom.EmailConsent.

  2. Create the corresponding custom demographic in Ocean.

    • Log in to your Ocean Portal and navigate to the Admin tab.
    • Enter the "EMR Field Mapping" section and select "Add Row".
    • Next, ensure the "Type" dropdown is set to "Custom Properties."
    • Name the "Tagged Field" the exact same as the "Custom Note" field in your Ocean eForm (all one word, without the leading '@') and the "EMR Field".
    • Name the "EMR Field" the exact same as your custom demographics field in Accuro.
    • Be sure to save your changes before leaving this page.
  3. Test out your new custom demographic.

    • Now, if a patient completes an Ocean eForm that contains your custom demographic item, the result will be set in the corresponding field in the "Other" tab of the patient information section of Accuro.
    • Note: The custom demographics fields in Accuro allow spaces in their names, but Ocean does not. All fields in Ocean are also case-sensitive, so please ensure that these fields match their corresponding fields in Accuro and Ocean, accordingly.
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