Updating Accuro Provider Permissions for the 'OceanAPI' EMR User


As part of the integration between Accuro and Ocean, a new EMR user is created in Accuro - this is named the 'OceanAPI' EMR user. This EMR user operates on behalf of Ocean within your Accuro EMR to access and update patient information. While the exact name of the OceanAPI EMR user is different for each Accuro EMR instance, the purpose remains the same.

For privacy and security purposes, the Accuro EMR supports a user-based permissioning system, which means that EMR users can be restricted from viewing and/or accessing certain areas of the EMR, particularly those of other EMR users (e.g., restricting User A from viewing the schedule of User B).

If the 'OceanAPI' EMR user does not have the necessary EMR user permissions for the providers that are using Ocean, certain product functionalities will not behave as intended.

Common issues are listed below:

Steps to Perform

If you are experiencing one or more of the issues listed above, or have been instructed by the OceanMD Support team to update the Accuro Provider Permissions for the OceanAPI EMR user, please follow the steps below.


  • Ensure you have EMR administrator access

    If you do not have EMR administrator permissions, consult your clinic manager or speak to QHR Client Services directly for assistance.

  • To make changes in Cloud Connect, your Ocean user account must have Site Admin access.

1. Update the Permissions for the 'OceanAPI' EMR User

  • Open the Accuro menu and navigate to Users > Manage Security.
  • From the Manage Security window, select the “Users” option on the sidebar.
  • Using the “Users” dropdown menu, locate and select your OceanAPI EMR user. This username is typically in the format "OceanAPI[tenant ID]."


    Note: Ensure that you have properly selected the OceanAPI EMR user, as this is the specific user that Ocean uses to connect to Accuro.

  • Once selected, open the “Provider Permissions” tab.
  • For each Office configuration in your EMR, ensure the user has permissions checked off under the following columns for each provider schedule:

    • Patient
    • Scheduling
    • Billing
    • EMR
    • Labs
    • Visible
  • Press 'Save'.

2. Perform a Full Schedule Sync

Once the API permissions in Accuro have been updated, we recommend performing a full schedule sync of the integration to verify the EMR changes are reflected in Ocean.

  • Under the "Sync Status" panel, select the icon to the immediate right of the "Sync Recent Appointments" button
  • From the dropdown, select "Sync Full Schedule"
  • Upon initiating a sync, the status bar colour in the "Sync Status" panel will momentarily change to green. Once the status bar returns to its default blue colour, the sync is complete and you can sign out of Cloud Connect.

Once complete, return to your Ocean site's Patients page, refresh the browser, and verify if previously missing providers and appointments are now appearing.

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