QHR-Accuro Onboarding: Guide to Contracting & API Enablement


This guide provides tips to ensure that requests to enable Ocean are handled in a smooth and timely manner. Please note that Accuro can take up to four weeks to process requests, so it’s critical to follow the steps below and ensure accurate information is submitted to avoid unnecessary delays.

Step 1: Check for Existing API Access

Before submitting a request to Accuro, please ensure that the clinic has not already connected to the Ocean API, by checking for an existing CDS Link in Accuro (see instructions found here).

If the clinic has an Ocean CDS link, please speak with your Ocean representative. Your clinic may be able to simply update provider permissions found here.

Step 2: Request a Contract

Contract requests can be submitted by using the form found in the Ocean Getting Started Guide (Step 3) or a dedicated Accuro API request page form (Ontario eServices). Please note that QHR may take up to one week to respond with a contract for signing.
To avoid delays, please ensure that the request accurately includes the following information:

  • Correct contact information for a Contract Signatory at the site/clinic.
  • Names and emails for all providers to be enabled. Do NOT include clinic admins or other users in the provider list.
  • The correct Accuro Office Name as it is entered in the EMR (this can be found in the upper right-hand corner when logged into Accuro - see image below).


Step 3: Sign the Contract to Initiate API Enablement

QHR will send a contract for signing to the signatory contact provided. 

Step 4: Retrieve Password from Accuro Support

Once the API has been enabled, the contract signatory will receive an email with the details required to set up Ocean (Tenant ID, UUID, User Name). This email will also direct the clinic staff to call Accuro support to retrieve their password. Note - When calling for the password, it is recommended that the team member request a call back as wait times for support can be long.

Step 5: Complete Ocean Integration

You are now ready to complete the steps to integrate your EMR to Ocean!

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