Accuro: How can I check to see if my EMR is connected to the Accuro API?

The CDS (Clinical Decision Support) option in Accuro's quick action menu provides a convenient user interface for interacting with Ocean directly within Accuro. If your Accuro EMR is connected to the API, Global CDS links for Ocean should be visible in the Manage Global CDS page in Accuro. 

To check this, follow the instructions below:

  • In Accuro, open the Accuro action menu by clicking the crosshairs icon at the bottom left of the EMR. Enter the CDS menu and select "Manage Global CDS". Scroll down the list of available CDS links to see if any have the word "Ocean" in them. If they do, the site has been set up in the past to connect to Ocean (and the API should already be enabled). 
  • If your EMR has Global CDS links for Ocean already configured, please contact the Ocean support team to inquire about accessing your Ocean-Accuro credentials (UUID, Tenant and Username).



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