Enabling the 'Save for Ocean' Button in Accuro

The Cloud Connect integration between Ocean and Accuro allows for file attachments generated in Accuro to be seamlessly passed into Ocean Patient Messages and eReferrals/eConsults:

  • Both workflows make use of the 'Save for Ocean' button in the letter generation window.
  • The presence of this button is controlled within the Accuro system settings.

To enable the 'Save for Ocean' button in Accuro:


  • Ensure you have EMR Administrator access in Accuro
  • In the Accuro menu, select 'Users', and click 'Manage Security'.
  • In the Manage Security window, select 'System Settings' on the left, open the 'General' tab, and enable the checkbox for the 'Show Ocean Referral Letter Shortcut Button' setting.
  • Click 'Save Settings'.
  • The 'Save for Ocean' button will now appear at the bottom of the letter generation window.

Optional: Create an Encounter Note Template

  • From there, you can select your attachments, click 'Save for Ocean', and launch into your Patient message or eReferral workflow using the relevant CDS link.
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