About Ocean Cloud Connect

Note: All Ocean Sites are required to enable Ocean Cloud Connect to complete set up and configuration on the Ocean Platform. This article provides additional details on the role Cloud Connect plays for both integrated and non-integrated sites.

Ocean Cloud Connect is a secure, cloud-based application housed on a server independent of the Ocean Platform. Cloud Connect’s primary purposes include the following:

  1. Storing and safeguarding your Ocean Site’s Shared Encryption Key (applicable to all Ocean Sites).
  2. Enabling the secure exchange of data between your Ocean Site and your EMR (for Ocean Sites with an integrated EMR).
  3. Facilitating automated Patient Reminders and Patient Alerts (for sites using Patient Reminders, eReferrals, or eConsults).

Storing Your Site’s Shared Encryption Key (SEK)

  • Ocean Cloud Connect acts as a secure vault for all Ocean Sites, providing a secure and convenient way to store your SEK.
  • Access to Cloud Connect is limited to Ocean Site Admin users only, with all interactions subject to auditing and logging. Furthermore, any access to the SEK through Cloud Connect triggers an automated email alert to the Ocean Site’s Clinical Administrator.

Enabling the Secure Exchange of Data Between Ocean and Your EMR

  • Cloud Connect acts as a data bridge connection between Ocean and your EMR, using the SEK to encrypt and decrypt PHI, as needed, to facilitate the exchange of information between Ocean and your EMR while using SSL for secure data transmission.
  • Cloud Connect provides configuration options to allow a site to customize how Ocean interacts with the EMR (e.g. combining progress notes from multiple Ocean eForms or selecting specific providers' appointments to sync).
  • Cloud Connect receives EMR-bound messages in real-time, ensuring that these messages are handled and processed all at once (e.g., when a patient completes a questionnaire, the result is immediately downloaded and sent to the EMR). In the event of an EMR connectivity issue, Cloud Connect also uses a “message queue” so that EMR actions can be retried in a timely manner, while protecting against data loss.

Facilitating Patient Alerts

  • Cloud Connect allows Ocean Sites to enable patient alerts or reminders that are automatically delivered to the patient on a scheduled basis.
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