Customize your Cloud Connect Configuration

For instructions on how to set up Cloud Connect, please consult the full Setting Up Ocean Cloud Connect guide.

If at any time you need to make adjustments to your Cloud Connect configuration, you can click the "Edit Settings" button located under the "Sync Status" panel on the Cloud Connect dashboard.

PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Pro


Schedule Days to Sync
This setting will configure the number of days to sync appointments in Ocean's Day Sheet view. For most clinic environments, the default value of 1 day is sufficient.
Note: More internet bandwidth is required for longer time intervals for appointment synchronization.
Sync Appointments For Provider(s)
Ocean will automatically source a list of providers from your EMR and display them in the dropdown menu. Ensure that all providers who are using Ocean are selected within the dropdown menu to ensure that they are synchronized in Ocean.
Mark appointments as Arrived in the next(hours)
This field allows you to define the time range after a patient checks in at the kiosk, in which you'd like to mark their appointment(s) as arrived (e.g. if you set this to 2 hours, any appointments that a patient is booked for, within 2 hours of them checking in at the kiosk, will be flagged as arrived).

Clinical Notes

Combine Progress Notes
If this checkbox is checked off and a patient fills out multiple Ocean eForms in one sitting, all resultant notes from those eForms will go into one single note in the patient's chart in PSS (vs. each form creating a separate note in the patient's chart).
Automatically Import Attachments to EMR
This is an early access feature that enables Ocean to automatically import Website Form submissions, file attachments included in Patient Authenticated Website Form submissions, and eReferral/eConsult records directly into the patient's chart in PDF format. If you are interested in joining the early access program, please contact the Ocean Support team.

Walk In

All walk in settings
To learn how to set up your kiosk to accept walk-ins, please refer to Set Up Ocean to Support Walk-In Patients.
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