Med Access: Add Your Ocean Cloud Connect "Mobile Device" in Med Access

In this step, you will create a new Med Access user to host this "mobile device" and obtain the mobile activation code needed to register Cloud Connect as this mobile device.

Note: You will need to be an admin user in Med Access to complete this step.


To access the Mobile Tab, the user must have Security Admin Level permissions set to Site (Site Administrator) and sign the Terms of Use located under "Mobile Settings". The account must also be an MD account.

  1. Create a new Med Access user, named "Ocean Connect".

    • This Ocean Connect user will serve as a makeshift user that Ocean Cloud Connect will use when saving notes.
    • You can create a new user in the Profile dashboard located in the corner of the screen (you will need administrative privileges in Med Access to access this dialog). Choose "User List", then click "New".
    • Select the Role to be "Admin" and fill the Username as "OCNC". Fill the First Name as "Ocean" and Last Name as "Connect". Click "Save".
  2. Add a mobile device for the Ocean Connect user.

    • Go back to the Profile dashboard and click "Mobile Settings".
    • Select "Device Management" on the left and choose "Connect, Ocean" as your mobile device user.
    • With the Ocean user selected, click the purple "Pair Device" button.
    • This will open an Activation Code dialog box. For our purposes, you can ignore the QR code. You will need the manual code to register your Ocean Cloud Connect.
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