Med Access: Configure the Ocean Integration Module

In this step, you will enable the Ocean integration module and acquire your EMR Instance ID and Secret to configure the Cloud Connect integration.

Note: You will need to be an admin user in Med Access to complete this step.


To access the Mobile Tab, the user must have Security Admin Level permissions set to Site (Site Administrator) and sign the Terms of Use located under "Mobile Settings". 

Watch Video Tutorial Below

  1. Configure the Ocean integration module

    • Go back to the Profile dashboard and click "Mobile Settings".
    AML Activation Mobile Activation (Legacy)
    • Under the Extension Application header located on the left-hand side of the page, select Integration Management.
    • Locate the Ocean by CognisantMD entry and click the purple "Configure" button.
    • In the window that appears, click the box labeled "Enable Ocean by CognisantMD."
    • If present, under the "Select User" dropdown, choose the "Ocean Connect" user.

      Important Note: If your Ocean integration module requires you to select a user to configure the module, please refer to the section below labelled Create a new EMR user named "Ocean Connect."

      Otherwise, proceed directly to Step F.

    • Note down the values listed under "EMR Instance ID" and "EMR Secret." These two values will need to be entered into Cloud Connect to authenticate the Ocean site with your Med Access instance.

      It is recommended you (temporarily) copy these to a text file on your computer for ease of use when completing your Cloud Connect integration.
    • Press the "SAVE" button to enable the integration.

  2. If required, create a new EMR user named "Ocean Connect".

    • This "Ocean Connect" user will serve as a makeshift user that Ocean Cloud Connect will use when saving notes.
    • You can create a new user in the Profile dashboard located in the corner of the screen (you will need administrative privileges in Med Access to access this dialog). Choose "User List", then click "New".
    • Select the Role to be "Admin" and fill the Username as "OCNC". Fill the First Name as "Ocean" and Last Name as "Connect". Click "Save".

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