New Feature: eRequest Re-Routing

In order to sort incoming e-requests, we have developed a new feature that will allow you to re-route incoming e-requests depending on answers selected by patients. For example, if you have an e-request link for new patient intake forms at a clinic with multiple locations, you may wish to sort the e-requests based on the patient's preference of clinic location. 

In order to enable this feature, start by creating all of the relevant sites in the Ocean referral directory. You can do this by logging into the Ocean portal and selecting the Admin tab. Select directory listings from the menu on the left hand side, followed by Add New Listing. Complete the required fields to set up the new location. 


Next, hover over the name of your listing in order to see the listing reference. Do this for each site and jot them down so that they can be used to when it's time to edit your form. 

Once you have set up all of the relevant sites, you are ready to edit your e-request form. At the bottom of your form, add a new item (select add item) using formula as the type. In the example below, we have named the item Referral target but you can select any name that makes sense. 

Under note formatting, select never next to Create a note for this item to prevent it from showing up in the clinical notes. 

Next, under the Scripting and More tab, set the item reference (we have labelled it as referralTargetRef, but you can call it any name) and then add a formula to the Formula box. 


To create your formula, you will need your survey question item reference, as well as the listing references mentioned above. Your formula should be something similar to: 

clinic.r == ‘SuperMed Healthcare' ? ‘cognisantmd5429339' : ‘cognisant55490911'   where clinic is the survey item reference name, 'SuperMed Healthcare' is one of the survey response options (r. used in the formula indicates response) and cognisantmd5429339' and ‘cognisant55490911 are the references for the two sites. Once you have added your formula, save the changes. 

You should now be able to see the clinic locations listed under your e-request tab. Use the drop-down menu to toggle back and forth between e-request sites.  


We hope that you enjoy this new feature. If you have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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