Clinic Support Staff Now Included with Ocean Patient Messaging & Reminder Licences

We're excited to announce a significant update to our Ocean Platform: All Clinic Support Staff at an Ocean-enabled Site can now send Patient Messages at no extra charge, as long as the Ocean Site has activated at least one Patient Messaging and Reminders Licence.

This enhancement means there's no longer a need to designate a "Primary Delegate" for a Clinic Support Staff member to send messages on behalf of healthcare providers.

Any user with a User Role of MOA/Secretary, Administrator, Nurse, Resident, Medical Student, or Physician Assistant can now directly send messages without additional configurations or changes to Ocean Site settings.

What This Means For You

If your Ocean Site has at least one active Patient Messaging and Reminders Licence, any Clinic Support Staff member can send Patient Messages without incurring extra costs.

Please note that Clinic Providers will still require a Patient Messaging and Reminders licence to send messages, enable reminders, or have Clinic Support Staff send messages on their behalf.

If you previously assigned a Primary Delegate, that user can continue to send messages, provided their User Role is recognized as Clinic Support Staff within Ocean.

User Roles Included in the Clinic Support Staff Category:

Ocean categorizes both support staff and learners as Clinic Support Staff for messaging purposes. This category includes the following User Roles:

  • MOA/Secretary
  • Administrator
  • Nurse
  • Resident
  • Student
  • Physician Assistant

Ensuring Your Clinic Support Staff Are Included:

To take advantage of this feature, make sure each Clinic Support Staff member's User Role is correctly set to one of the aforementioned categories.

Please Note: Changes to User Roles are audited by Ocean. Users should not update their role once they have saved it in their 'My Account' settings.

Instructions for checking or updating User Roles can be found here: How do I update my User Role?

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