Enabling a Provider License for Patient Messages & Reminders

To enable an individual Patient Messages license subscription:

    • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Admin".
    • On the left, select the "Providers" page. This is a list of providers in your EMR.
    • Select the checkbox under "Patient Messages Licence ($25/month each)" next to the provider you want to enable.
    • Next, link the selected EMR provider license with an Ocean user account. On the left, select the “Users” page.
    • In the "EMR Provider" column, select the appropriate provider from the list.

Assign a Primary Delegate (optional):

A provider with a Patient Messages License can share this license with one admin/MOA. This will allow the admin/MOA to send patient messages through Ocean on the providers behalf. To share a providers Patient Messages License, the admin/MOA needs to have an Ocean user account, be invited to the providers Ocean site and assigned as their Primary Delegate.

Note: Ocean users can be associated with any available provider schedule to message patients. (i.e. "Doctor A" provider does not need to necessarily be paired against a corresponding "Doctor A" Ocean user.)

This license does not limit a user to only contacting patients under the specific provider schedule.

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