Recommended Browsers for an Optimal Ocean Experience

Ocean works best with a modern, up-to-date web browser. For an optimal experience we recommend using:

  • Mozilla Firefox: The latest standard or extended service release.
  • Google Chrome: The latest stable or extended stable release.
  • Microsoft Edge: The latest stable or extended stable release.
  • Apple Safari: Any version running on a supported edition of MacOS, iOS, or iPadOS.

Although Ocean is designed to be compatible with a wide range of web browsers and versions, your experience may not be as smooth as it could be using an older browser. You might encounter some limitations, and certain features may not perform optimally.

Using the latest browsers not only enhances your experience but also helps us deliver new and exciting features seamlessly. Modern browsers are equipped with advanced technologies that can significantly improve the speed, security, and functionality of your Ocean experience.

Single Sign-on (SSO) Feature Improvements

Our most recent Ocean feature release included an update that allows an Ocean user to seamlessly switch between Ocean Sites on different EMRs, while retaining single sign-on (SSO) with each of their EMR user accounts. This update ensures that Ocean "remembers" the unique Ocean User-to-EMR User Account relationship for SSO and eliminates the need for an individual to maintain multiple Ocean accounts.

Shared Ocean User Account Issues

While every Ocean User is required to have a unique user account and login, it has come to our attention that some Ocean Users have been "sharing" a single Ocean username and password. As a result, some of these users are now unable to launch into Ocean from the EMR to manage patient activity in the portal, send or manage eReferrals, or send messages to patients.

Clinics that are in this situation should follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Invite all team members to create a free Ocean user account connected to your Ocean Site:

    • This can be done by an existing Ocean Site Admin by navigating to: Menu > Admin > Users > Invite Users to Site. Detailed instructions can be found here.
    • This will allow these users to launch Ocean from the EMR to see patient activity, create, view and update referrals, and manage website forms. If the user is granted Site Admin access, they will also be able to view and configure admin settings in Ocean.
  2. If more than one person is sending Patient Messages using a single Ocean User Account:

    We are very pleased to share that we will be releasing a new feature that will allow an unlimited number of MOA team members to send messages with their own Ocean user account at no additional cost, as long as their Ocean Site has one or more Provider Message licences enabled. This feature is expected to be available as of Friday, February 9 2024.

    If your clinic has been sharing a single licence for patient messages, you should:

    • Enable all healthcare providers with their own licence(s).
    • Enable a Primary Delegate for your licensed user (note - this is limited 1 additional user).
    • If multiple support staff (e.g., nurses, MOAs, etc) are sending messages on behalf of a single healthcare provider, you can continue to send messages directly from the Ocean Portal (details below) using the existing shared login until February 9. At that time, all users should switch to a unique user account. Please note this is considered a temporary allowable work-around in order to support users through this transition with minimal disruption.
  3. If you require support through this process:

    Please complete the form at and an Ocean Practice Consultant will follow up to schedule a meeting time at your convenience.

Sending Messages from the Ocean Portal

If you are logging into the Ocean Portal to send Ocean Messages, please follow the steps below:

  • From the Patients page, use the 'Find Patients' option on the left to locate the patient you would like to send a message to.
  • Type the patient's surname in the input box, and select the 'with surname' option.
  • If the patient is not already found in Ocean using the surname search, you can manually upload them using their PHN.

    Start by locating the patient's healthcard number in your EMR. Copy this number and paste it in the 'Upload from EMR' field, and then click the blue upload icon.

  • Once you've found your patient in Ocean, click on their name. A window will appear where you can click 'Email Patient'. This will open the secure messaging feature of Ocean.
  • Compose your email or select from your templates list and click 'Send' to send your secure message to your patient.

What languages does Ocean support?

The table below indicates the languages that are currently supported across the Ocean platform. As additional language support becomes available, this article will be updated to ensure accuracy.

Product and language combinations denoted with a 'Y' indicate that the language is supported, while an 'N' indicates that the language is not currently supported.

Ocean eForms are denoted with a 'Y*', since clinics must translate the eForm into another language themselves.

Language ISO 639-1 Code eForms Tablets (v194+) Messaging / Reminders Website Forms* Online Booking
English en Y Y Y Y Y
French fr Y* Y Y Y Y
Arabic ar Y* Y N N N
Armenian hy Y* Y N N N
Chinese zh Y* Y N N N
Farsi (Persian) fa Y* Y N N N
Filipino (Tagalog) tl Y* Y N N N
Hindi hi Y* Y N N N
Italian it Y* Y N N N
Japanese ja Y* Y N N N
Korean ko Y* Y N N N
Portugese pt Y* Y N N N
Punjabi pa Y* Y N N N
Romanian ro Y* Y Y Y N
Russian ru Y* Y Y Y N
Spanish es Y* Y N N N
Tamil ta Y* Y N N N
Turkish tr Y* Y N N N
Ukrainian uk Y* Y Y Y N
Urdu ur Y* Y N N N
Vietnamese vi Y* Y N N N

*Does not include Patient Authenticated Website Forms.

How do I cancel my Ocean subscription(s)?

If you choose to cancel your Ocean subscription(s) at any time, please refer to the following guide:

Cancelling a Tablet or Kiosk licence?

You can cancel a tablet or kiosk licence by deregistering the tablet through the Ocean Portal. Tablet licence fees automatically stop accruing once the tablet is deregistered. For more information on how to deregister your tablet, refer to: Deactivating Tablets

Cancelling a Patient Messaging & Reminders licence?

Patient Messaging & Reminders licences can be cancelled by disabling the checkbox in the Admin Settings page under Providers. Licence fees stop accruing once the checkbox is diabled. For more information on how to do this, please refer to 'Enabling a Provider License for Patient Messages & Reminders', and simply disable the checkbox shown in Step C.

Sitewide Unlimited Patient Messaging licences can be cancelled by creating a ticket with your site name, site number, and reason for cancellation here:

Cancelling an Ocean Website Form Link?

Website Forms can be deleted through the Ocean Portal, Admin > Website Form Links. Website Form Links stop accruing fees once the Website Form Link is deleted. For more information on how to delete a Website Form, refer to: How do I delete a Website Form?

Cancelling an Ocean Studies licence?

Basic Ocean Studies can be deleted through the Ocean Portal in the Studies view. For more information on how to delete a basic Ocean study, refer to: Deleting Studies Upon Completion

Sitewide Ocean Studies licences can be cancelled by creating a ticket with your site name, site number, and reason for cancellation here:

Cancelling an Online Booking schedule?

To suspend Online Booking, please refer to: How can I control billing for my online booking schedule(s)?

Where do I find my Ocean site number?

You can easily find your Ocean site number in the Admin view of your Ocean Portal.

  • Simply log in to the Ocean Portal, click "Menu" in the top left corner and select "Admin". Click "Site Account" on the Admin Settings page.
  • From there, your site number will be the number in the second field, right under your site name.

How do I change the email address that receives Ocean alerts?

Ocean sends alerts via email to notify users of various activity, including: invoices, system message and/or clinical notifications, and new eRequest/eReferral notifications.

You can learn more about how to define the email address that receives each of these notification types below.

Invoices System/Clinical Notifications eRequest/eReferral Notifications
Site-wide setting (requires administrative privileges)
  • By default, monthly Ocean invoices are automatically sent to the user who is set as the payer on your Ocean site (in the Billing section of the Admin Settings page).
  • If you would like another person to be cc'ed on invoices for your Ocean site, you will want to go to the Admin Settings page and edit the "Finance Administrator Email" field.

Where can I get reports on Ocean usage?

Each site has access to various reports that provide insights on Ocean usage. You can access the following reports by signing into the Ocean Portal and navigating to the Admin view. Click on Reports and choose the following:

Export Referral Analytic Data

This report provides you with insights regarding referral data overtime. For more information on accessing eReferral Analytics, refer to: Accessing eReferral Analytics

Export User Activities

This report provides you with insights regarding user actions in the Ocean Portal. Actions include tablet registrations, referral creations, viewing patients, and deleting patients.

Export Audit Data

There are three kinds of audit data: Form Completed, Tablet Use Log, and HCV Audit Data Log.

  • Form Completed: This report includes the types of forms that were completed during a specific time period.
  • Tablet Use Log: This report provides data on tablet sessions including the duration and the number of EMR updates during the tablet session.
  • HCV Audit Data: This report includes error information for sites that have HCV enabled. This is helpful for troubleshooting purposes.

Export Patient Group Messaging Logs

This report provides insights for sites that are using the patient group messaging function with an Ocean Unlimited Bundle. Some data includes failure reasons when sending group emails.

I see a lot of patients and am running out of Ocean-generated reference numbers. How do I increase the number of digits for patient refs?

Whenever a patient record is loaded into Ocean, it is given its own Ocean reference number ("ref"). Although Ocean is constantly deleting patient data when no longer needed (i.e. after the results have been downloaded to the EMR), you may find yourself running out of "space" in Ocean since the default 3-digit number only allows 900 patients to be loaded at any one time.

Furthermore, Ocean attempts to generate a random number for each loaded patient, so as you approach 900 records, you may find that Ocean takes a bit longer to respond and occasionally gives up and returns an error. Consider this an early warning that you are running out of space.

Fortunately, you can easily change your Ocean site to use 4, 5, 6 or even 7 digit reference numbers by following the steps outlined below.

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and click "Admin".
  • Click "Site Features" from the Admin Settings page.
  • Change the "Digits for Generated Patient Refs" setting to 4, 5, 6 or 7 digits.
  • Now, next time you try to enter a ref on a tablet, it will reset the tablet to force entry of four digits.

Note: When changing your number of patient ref digits, keep in mind that the more digits you use, the more numbers your staff will need to enter into the Ocean Tablets for every patient who needs to complete an eForm.

Handling Patients with Old Refs

Once you change the number of ref digits, you may find that some patients still have old refs in their charts. To load those refs on the tablet, simply put zero(s) at the front. For example, if a patient has ref 123 already and you change to 4 digits, your tablets will accept 0123 to load the 123 patient. That being said, it would be wise to change the number of digits for your Ocean site at the end of the day or over the weekend to minimize the number of patients requiring zero padding.

Creation of Multiple Ocean Sites

By default, a single EMR instance should always be associated with a single Ocean site. This approach eliminates the risk of numerous issues that can arise when an EMR instance is associated with multiple Ocean sites. These may include technical, billing, and usage concerns.

There are some limited cases where an exception may be made, allowing a single EMR instance to be associated with multiple Ocean sites under extenuating circumstances. Special attention and consideration must be given when determining whether or not an exception should be made for a specific practice and/or EMR instance.

The series of questions below walks through the factors that must be considered before deciding to create an additional Ocean site(s) for a single EMR instance. Please ensure that you complete the entire series of questions to determine whether or not multiple Ocean sites are appropriate.

1. Can your EMR support multiple Ocean sites?

Only certain EMRs are capable of being associated with multiple Ocean sites.

It is not possible for clinics using OSCAR Pro or Med Access to have multiple Ocean sites associated with their single EMR instance. Clinics using these EMRs can only have a single Ocean site.

  • OSCAR Pro
  • Med Access
  • PS Suite
  • Accuro

If the clinic is using either PS Suite or Accuro, please proceed to the following question.

2. Are staff shared between clinics/practices?

This includes administrative staff, physicians and allied health staff.

  • Staff are shared among clinics/practices/sites
  • Staff are not shared among clinics/practices/sites

If staff are not being shared among clinics, please proceed to the following question.

3. Specific EMR Considerations

There are certain EMR-specific considerations that must be taken into account when deciding if multiple Ocean sites are feasible for a single EMR instance. Please expand the appropriate EMR tab below.

PS Suite

Do you share computers/workstations?

If computers/workstations are being shared among staff under different clinics/practices, significant issues will arise during Ocean configuration.

  • Computers/workstations are shared
  • Computers/workstations are not shared

If computers are not being shared, please proceed to the next question.

Do you share physical space?

Physical space includes exam rooms, check-in areas, administrative workspaces, etc.

  • Physical space is shared
  • Physical space is not shared

If physical space is not being shared, the clinic is eligible to have multiple Ocean sites associated with a single PS Suite EMR instance.

PS Suite Set-Up

Sites will need to ensure that the Ocean Toolbar on each workstation is associated with the appropriate Ocean Site. Please refer to the following article for steps on how to do this: How do I switch between Ocean sites on PS Suite?


Do you share EMR schedules?

  • EMR schedules are shared
  • EMR schedules are not shared

If EMR schedules are not being shared, the clinic is eligible to have multiple Ocean sites associated with a single Accuro EMR instance.

Accuro Set-Up

Please note that if you're setting up your single Accuro Instance to multiple Ocean Sites you will need a different API and Username for each Ocean Site.

Sites will also need to be diligent when setting up their CDS links to ensure they are using the correct API Username and Password, as well as naming the CDS links clearly. We would also highly recommend setting up User Friendly CDS links.