How do I change the email address that receives Ocean alerts?

Ocean sends alerts via email to notify users of various activity, including: invoices, system message and/or clinical notifications, and new eRequest/eReferral notifications.

You can learn more about how to define the email address that receives each of these notification types below.

Invoices System/Clinical Notifications eRequest/eReferral Notifications
Site-wide setting (requires administrative privileges)
  • By default, monthly Ocean invoices are automatically sent to the user who is set as the payer on your Ocean site (in the Billing section of the Admin Settings page).
  • If you would like another person to be cc'ed on invoices for your Ocean site, you will want to go to the Admin Settings page and edit the "Finance Administrator Email" field.

How do I cancel my Ocean subscription(s)?

If you choose to cancel your Ocean subscription(s) at any time, please refer to the following guide:

Cancelling a Tablet or Kiosk licence?

You can cancel a tablet or kiosk licence by deregistering the tablet through the Ocean Portal. Tablet licence fees automatically stop accruing once the tablet is deregistered. For more information on how to deregister your tablet, refer to: Deactivating Tablets

Cancelling a Patient Messaging licence?

Single provider Patient Messaging licences can be cancelled using the checkbox in the Admin Settings page under Providers. Ocean Online provider licence fees stop accruing once the option is deselected. For more information on how to disable your Single Unlimited User Licence refer to: Enabling a Provider License for Patient Messages & Reminders

Sitewide Unlimited Patient Messaging licences can be cancelled by creating a ticket with your site name, site number, and reason for cancellation here:

Cancelling an Ocean Website Form Link?

Website Forms can be deleted through the Ocean Portal, Admin > Website Form Links. Website Form Links stop accruing fees once the Website Form Link is deleted. For more information on how to delete a Website Form, refer to: How do I delete a Website Form?

Cancelling an Ocean Studies licence?

Basic Ocean Studies can be deleted through the Ocean Portal in the Studies view. For more information on how to delete a basic Ocean study, refer to: Deleting Studies Upon Completion

Sitewide Ocean Studies licences can be cancelled by creating a ticket with your site name, site number, and reason for cancellation here:

Cancelling an Online Booking schedule?

To suspend Online Booking, please refer to: How can I control billing for my online booking schedule(s)?

Where do I find my Ocean site number?

You can easily find your Ocean site number in the Admin view of your Ocean Portal.

  • Simply log in to the Ocean Portal, click "Menu" in the top left corner and select "Admin". Click "Site Account" on the Admin Settings page.
  • From there, your site number will be the number in the second field, right under your site name.

I see a lot of patients and am running out of Ocean-generated reference numbers. How do I increase the number of digits for patient refs?

Whenever a patient record is loaded into Ocean, it is given its own Ocean reference number ("ref"). Although Ocean is constantly deleting patient data when no longer needed (i.e. after the results have been downloaded to the EMR), you may find yourself running out of "space" in Ocean since the default 3-digit number only allows 900 patients to be loaded at any one time.

Furthermore, Ocean attempts to generate a random number for each loaded patient, so as you approach 900 records, you may find that Ocean takes a bit longer to respond and occasionally gives up and returns an error. Consider this an early warning that you are running out of space.

Fortunately, you can easily change your Ocean site to use 4, 5, 6 or even 7 digit reference numbers by following the steps outlined below.

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and click "Admin".
  • Click "Site Features" from the Admin Settings page.
  • Change the "Digits for Generated Patient Refs" setting to 4, 5, 6 or 7 digits.
  • Now, next time you try to enter a ref on a tablet, it will reset the tablet to force entry of four digits.

Note: When changing your number of patient ref digits, keep in mind that the more digits you use, the more numbers your staff will need to enter into the Ocean Tablets for every patient who needs to complete an eForm.

Handling Patients with Old Refs

Once you change the number of ref digits, you may find that some patients still have old refs in their charts. To load those refs on the tablet, simply put zero(s) at the front. For example, if a patient has ref 123 already and you change to 4 digits, your tablets will accept 0123 to load the 123 patient. That being said, it would be wise to change the number of digits for your Ocean site at the end of the day or over the weekend to minimize the number of patients requiring zero padding.

PS Suite: How do I know what version of the Ocean Toolbar & Custom Form I'm running?

To confirm the currently installed versions of the Ocean Toolbar and Custom Form on your PS Suite instance, follow these steps:

    • Open a test patient's chart in PS Suite.
    • Click on the Ocean logo on the Ocean toolbar to access the Ocean Custom Form.
    • From the Custom Form window, select the "Help" option.
    • In the Help window, the current versions of the Toolbar and Custom Form will be displayed.

Note: If you do not see version numbers listed in the Help window, your Custom Form version is below 3.97 and should be updated immediately. For instructions on updating, please refer to the following guide: Download & Install the Ocean Custom Form and Toolbar