Where can I get reports on Ocean usage?

Each site has access to various reports that provide insights on Ocean usage. You can access the following reports by signing into the Ocean Portal and navigating to the Admin view. Click on Reports and choose the following:

Export Referral Analytic Data

This report provides you with insights regarding referral data overtime. For more information on accessing eReferral Analytics, refer to: Accessing eReferral Analytics

Export User Activities

This report provides you with insights regarding user actions in the Ocean Portal. Actions include tablet registrations, referral creations, viewing patients, and deleting patients.

Export Audit Data

There are three kinds of audit data: Form Completed, Tablet Use Log, and HCV Audit Data Log.

  • Form Completed: This report includes the types of forms that were completed during a specific time period.
  • Tablet Use Log: This report provides data on tablet sessions including the duration and the number of EMR updates during the tablet session.
  • HCV Audit Data: This report includes error information for sites that have HCV enabled. This is helpful for troubleshooting purposes.

Export Patient Group Messaging Logs

This report provides insights for sites that are using the patient group messaging function with an Ocean Unlimited Bundle. Some data includes failure reasons when sending group emails.

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