What languages does Ocean support?

The table below indicates the languages that are currently supported across the Ocean platform. As additional language support becomes available, this article will be updated to ensure accuracy.

Product and language combinations denoted with a 'Y' indicate that the language is supported, while an 'N' indicates that the language is not currently supported.

Ocean eForms are denoted with a 'Y*', since clinics must translate the eForm into another language themselves.

Language ISO 639-1 Code eForms Tablets (v194+) Messaging / Reminders Website Forms* Online Booking
English en Y Y Y Y Y
French fr Y* Y Y Y Y
Arabic ar Y* Y N N N
Armenian hy Y* Y N N N
Chinese zh Y* Y N N N
Farsi (Persian) fa Y* Y N N N
Filipino (Tagalog) tl Y* Y N N N
Hindi hi Y* Y N N N
Italian it Y* Y N N N
Japanese ja Y* Y N N N
Korean ko Y* Y N N N
Portugese pt Y* Y N N N
Punjabi pa Y* Y N N N
Romanian ro Y* Y Y Y N
Russian ru Y* Y Y Y N
Spanish es Y* Y N N N
Tamil ta Y* Y N N N
Turkish tr Y* Y N N N
Ukrainian uk Y* Y Y Y N
Urdu ur Y* Y N N N
Vietnamese vi Y* Y N N N

*Does not include Patient Authenticated Website Forms.

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