Creation of Multiple Ocean Sites

By default, a single EMR instance should always be associated with a single Ocean site. This approach eliminates the risk of numerous issues that can arise when an EMR instance is associated with multiple Ocean sites. These may include technical, billing, and usage concerns.

There are some limited cases where an exception may be made, allowing a single EMR instance to be associated with multiple Ocean sites under extenuating circumstances. Special attention and consideration must be given when determining whether or not an exception should be made for a specific practice and/or EMR instance.

The series of questions below walks through the factors that must be considered before deciding to create an additional Ocean site(s) for a single EMR instance. Please ensure that you complete the entire series of questions to determine whether or not multiple Ocean sites are appropriate.

1. Can your EMR support multiple Ocean sites?

Only certain EMRs are capable of being associated with multiple Ocean sites.

It is not possible for clinics using OSCAR Pro or Med Access to have multiple Ocean sites associated with their single EMR instance. Clinics using these EMRs can only have a single Ocean site.

  • OSCAR Pro
  • Med Access
  • PS Suite
  • Accuro

If the clinic is using either PS Suite or Accuro, please proceed to the following question.

2. Are staff shared between clinics/practices?

This includes administrative staff, physicians and allied health staff.

  • Staff are shared among clinics/practices/sites
  • Staff are not shared among clinics/practices/sites

If staff are not being shared among clinics, please proceed to the following question.

3. Specific EMR Considerations

There are certain EMR-specific considerations that must be taken into account when deciding if multiple Ocean sites are feasible for a single EMR instance. Please expand the appropriate EMR tab below.

PS Suite

Do you share computers/workstations?

If computers/workstations are being shared among staff under different clinics/practices, significant issues will arise during Ocean configuration.

  • Computers/workstations are shared
  • Computers/workstations are not shared

If computers are not being shared, please proceed to the next question.

Do you share physical space?

Physical space includes exam rooms, check-in areas, administrative workspaces, etc.

  • Physical space is shared
  • Physical space is not shared

If physical space is not being shared, the clinic is eligible to have multiple Ocean sites associated with a single PS Suite EMR instance.

PS Suite Set-Up

Sites will need to ensure that the Ocean Toolbar on each workstation is associated with the appropriate Ocean Site. Please refer to the following article for steps on how to do this: How do I switch between Ocean sites on PS Suite?


Do you share EMR schedules?

  • EMR schedules are shared
  • EMR schedules are not shared

If EMR schedules are not being shared, the clinic is eligible to have multiple Ocean sites associated with a single Accuro EMR instance.

Accuro Set-Up

Please note that if you're setting up your single Accuro Instance to multiple Ocean Sites you will need a different API and Username for each Ocean Site.

Sites will also need to be diligent when setting up their CDS links to ensure they are using the correct API Username and Password, as well as naming the CDS links clearly. We would also highly recommend setting up User Friendly CDS links.

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