PS Suite Users: Important Update to Framingham Risk and Cardiovascular Age Custom Form

As part of our commitment to open clinical content, we distribute free community tools in the Clinical Content Library, including custom forms for TELUS PS Suite. In one of those tools, the Framingham Risk and Cardiovascular Age calculator for PS Suite, an error has been brought to our attention relating to cholesterol calculations for female patients. This resulted in the form logic miscalculating risk for female patients whose cholesterol values were above 5.1 by up to 3%.

Note that this issue is only related to the custom form from the CognisantMD library, and not the CVDRisk stamp in PS Suite.

We recommend that you update this custom form immediately from the CognisantMD Resource Library; version 1.1 is now available with the fix.

To help you identify any patient charts that have been assessed using this form, we have attached a PS Suite reminder definition that you can use to review patient charts for reassessment. We recommend you run this reminder if you have used the tool at your clinic.

We will also be reaching out to contact users that our logs indicate have used this custom form.

Please contact us if you need any help with the above steps or have any questions at

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