Can I send automated reminders to patients with overdue responses (i.e. when the appointment is not confirmed)?

Ocean Reminders cannot be set up against an overdue status of a email/questionnaire or when an appointment is not confirmed. Presently, reminders can only be scoped to appointment-based information -- provider, type, reason, etc. -- as well as certain demographics -- age, gender, etc. To learn more about creating these types of reminder rules, please review Reminder Rules - Using Javascript Conditions.


If a patient has two appointments on the same day, how many reminders will be sent?

If a patient meets the criteria for multiple reminder rules, Ocean will send the reminders for each of these rules. Therefore, if two appointments are booked for the patient that day and the clinic has configured a reminder rule for each appointment, the patient will receive two reminders. 

Including the reason for visit, appointment date and time (@appDate, @appTime) and provider name (@providerName) in the email template will assist the patient to distinguish between the two reminders. 

Ocean Reminders can't combine multiple appointment reminders in one email for appointments that fall on the same day.

Is it possible to set a single reminder rule to be sent out at different intervals before the appointment (e.g. 7, 3 and 1 day prior)?

You can create a different reminder rule for each reminder schedule (e.g. 7, 3 and 1 day before the appointment). This can be helpful for clinics that need to send different reminder email templates (and eForms) a number of days before the patient's appointment. 

To review how to create/configure a reminder, please refer to Creating / Configuring Patient Reminders.

Will patients receive multiple reminders?

Patients will receive all reminders, regardless of whether they have confirmed their appointment. Following the example above, if a patient confirms their appointment at the 7-day reminder, they will still receive the 3-day and 1-day reminder emails.