How can I manage text message consent?

Collecting text message consent

Ocean eForms offer an easy way to capture consent via email or on tablets. Update any existing consent eForms to collect text message consent. You can easily create a new eForm indicating the use of text messages for patient reminders and include a field for patients to provide or update their mobile number directly in their EMR chart. Ocean offers a core form in the eForm library titled Text Messaging Consent (SMS Consent).

Consent can also be captured verbally with the patient in-person or over the phone. 

Clinics collecting consent for text messages can use the Text Messaging Consent (SMS Consent) eForm. Staff can review form submissions and can include text in the comments field of a patients chart such as "smsc" for patients who have consented to receiving text message reminders. Sites can then create a reminder rule to trigger text message reminders only for patients who have provided consent.

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Managing mobile number

Ocean automatically uses the number in the mobile number field of a patient's chart in your EMR. If a patient refuses text message consent, we recommend storing their mobile number in a different area of their chart to prevent Ocean from sending text messages to that number. 

For Med Access users

Med Access has the ability to store multiple mobile numbers in the Phone List of a patient's chart (e.g. "Personal - Cell", "Work - Cell", "Home - Cell"). Ocean will send a text message to the first telephone number in the Phone List and email the last email address in the Phone List. If a patient denies text message consent, we recommend storing the mobile number as a different Phone Type 'Group' (e.g. "Home - Phone", "Work - Phone" or "Other").

Patients can easily opt out of receiving text messages from Ocean. Learn more: How can patients opt out of receiving text messages from Ocean?

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