Can I get a report of my Patient Reminders?

Patient Reminders logs contain a history of every reminder sent to your patients within the past 2 weeks. 

Note: You must be an Ocean Administrative User to access Patient Reminder logs.

  • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Patient Reminders".
  • Under your Sent Reminders History, click the "Download Log" button. A .csv file of your Patient Reminders sent history will be downloaded to your device.

Send Status

Ocean successfully sent the reminder to the email host or SMS text messaging provider. Please note that a sent status doesn't necessarily mean that your patient has received the reminder. There may be delays/issues with the email host/SMS text message provider which may result in patients not receiving their reminder.
Our SMS text message service provider received confirmation of message delivery from the carrier. Please note that Ocean can't confirm the delivery of emails at this time.
Ocean was not able to send the reminder off to the email host or SMS text messaging provider. See the Description column for details.

SMS Send Status Description

Phone number failed validation
The number listed in the patient's chart failed our validation for legitimate phone numbers.
Phone number opted out for SMS
The patient opted out of receiving SMS text messages from the Ocean Platform.
Maximum SMS character length exceeded with siteName length of ... and providerName length of...
Your organization name/ site name and provider name have exceeded the character limit for SMS. Shorten your organization name.
Message body contains invalid SMS characters
Please check your organization name/site name and provider name for any non-GSM-7 characters. You can edit your organization name in Ocean and you can edit your schedule name directly in your EMR.
Unable to create SMS message in Twilio
An error occurred when sending the SMS text message through our SMS text message service provider.

Email Send Status Description

Missing email address
Patient did not have an email address in their chart.
Invalid email address
The email listed in the patient's chart failed our validation as a legitimate email address.
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