Ocean Server Upgrade May 11th, 2021 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for May 11th, 2021 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following features, improvements and fixes. Recently created and updated support articles are listed below. 




  • Referrals initiated from Accuro will now auto-populate the family physician, height and weight [in metric units] and lab value fields in the eReferral.
  • Added a setting to enable sites to download Referral Records and Notes in the TIFF file format instead of the default PDF format.
  • Renamed the "Cancel" action in the Referrals Action Menu to "Cancel Referral" for clarity.
  • Removed the default "Print Referral" button from Ocean eReferral Network listings that do not accept eReferrals.
  • Added a lockout mechanism to the OAuth credentials API to increase security.
  • Added the ability to perform authentication before downloading attachments received via the HL7 FHIR Communication payloads.
  • Added the Referring site's siteNum and PractitionerRole to the HL7 FHIR ServiceRequest resource so that a single POS endpoint can be used to receive referrals for multiple Ocean sites.

Fixed Bugs

  • Improvements to the eReferral import software routine to mitigate confusing UI messaging and duplicated download content. 
  • When a Referral provider-to-provider message is sent via HRM but the provider’s Professional ID has not been saved (in the My Account > Clinical Contact Information section), Ocean will no longer display a checkmark (successful send) icon.


Patient Engagement


  • Site Administrators can now enable text messages for Reminders without submitting a request to CMD Support.
  • Improved the Reminders rule builder "Provider" filter clarity by labeling and grouping "Licenced"/"Unlicenced" providers.
  • Minor UI/UX enhancements to the Reminders landing page’s Sent Reminders History.
  • Minor UI/UX enhancements to the Reminders Rule Condition Builder.

Fixed Bugs

  • Ocean will now perform a fresh sync with the EMR for all patients identified by the group cohort file to ensure their information is completely up to date.




  • A new report is now available for site administrators to identify which site users have enabled two-factor authentication (under Admin > Reports view) . 


  • Ocean now allows a user with the clinician type "Other" to be designated as a primary delegate.

Fixed Bugs

  • Code adjustments to enable the Accuro Encounter Notes Viewer to render French accented characters properly.


Recent Support Articles

The following articles will be available on May 12th, 2021 with new or updated content:


How to Re-download a Sent Referral into PSS

HL7 FHIR eReferral API Implementation Guidance

Patient Engagement

Sending Patient Reminders via SMS Text Message

Managing Text Message Consent

Patient Opt-out From Text Messages


Using Keywords to Automatically Insert Content (updated to include Accuro keywords for family physician field and height and weight)

Tracking Two-Factor Authentication Compliance

Updating Accuro Provider Permissions 

Understanding Directory Listing Fields

Cancelling Ocean Services and Subscriptions



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