Cancelling Ocean Services and Subscriptions

The majority of Ocean products are designed to be easy to start and stop at the clinic's full discretion.

The following support article details steps to disable billing for Tablets/Kiosks, Patient Messaging/Reminders, Website Form Links, Online Booking, and Studies: How do I cancel my Ocean subscription(s)? 

Submit A Formal Cancellation Request

If you need assistance cancelling any of your Ocean products or subscriptions, please submit a formal cancellation request to our support team via ocean.tip/support

A member of our team will review your account, confirm which products and subscriptions you would like to cancel, and process the cancellation of the requested services.

We do also strongly recommend that clinics take the time to follow up with their respective EMR vendors to alert them of their plans to cease the use of Ocean services so that the vendors can update their internal billing contracts.

Site-Wide Monthly Subscriptions

If your account is also on any monthly site-wide subscriptions, such as Ocean Patient Messaging or Studies, the EMR vendor must also be made aware of the cancellation request to correctly disabling reoccurring account billing on your monthly EMR invoice.

Please contact your EMR vendor directly by phone to update their billing team.

Disabling Ocean Cloud Connect's EMR Integration

As part of the cancellation process, it is recommended that your Cloud Connect integration be disconnected. To do so, please have an admin user sign in to your Ocean site and navigate to the Admin Settings page. From here, click Site Features, uncheck the box labelled "Enable Ocean Cloud Connect", and save changes.

Note: disconnecting Cloud Connect will sever the link between your EMR and Ocean site. If you still have unfinished patient responses pending on your site, Ocean will lose the ability to sync those notes to the EMR.

Please exercise caution before proceeding with this step.

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