Introducing Patient Reminders


  • At the moment, Patient Reminders is supported for the following EMRs: QHR Accuro; TELUS PS SuiteTELUS Med Access, and Well EMR Group OSCAR/OSCAR Pro.
  • Users must have a Patient Messages and Reminders License to use Patient Reminders. To enable this license for providers at your site, please refer to this guide on how to Enable a User License for Patient Messages & Reminders
  • The Ocean Platform also supports dedicated Referral Reminders for clinics receiving Ocean eReferrals. Ocean sites can trigger Patient Reminders from eReferrals or their EMR schedule, but not both. To learn more about Referral Reminders, please refer to: Set Up Automated Referral Appointment Reminders.  

What are Patient Reminders?

Patient Reminders are automated messages that are scheduled to send before or after a patient's booked appointment. You can notify patients of their upcoming appointments, request confirmation, include secure messages/PHI, and invite them to complete forms and questionnaires online, without the risks of traditional email. With Ocean’s EMR integration, patient records are seamlessly updated without any scanning, typing, or manual staff involvement.

Key Benefits

  • Easy for Patients - Patients are not required to create an account or log into a patient portal in order to confirm their appointment and or complete Ocean eForms.

  • EMR-integrated - Ocean automatically checks the EMR schedule to identify which appointments match the trigger criteria for each reminder rule and sends a message accordingly. When a patient confirms an appointment, the status is automatically updated in the EMR, along with any completed Ocean eForms.

  • Customizable - You can customize the reminder rule criteria (e.g. by provider, appointment type and/or reason, age) to define the patients that should receive a given reminder.  The email template for the reminder is also customizable.

How it works for patients:

  1. Patient receives an email from Ocean containing the secure message.

    • The secure message is sent on behalf of your clinic to the patient. You are able to customize the email subject and body to convey important pre-visit information.
  2. Patient proceeds to validation step.

    • If you enabled appointment confirmation or attached forms for the patient to complete, the patient should be directed to click on the hyperlink. This will take them to a webpage that asks them to validate their information before proceeding.
    • By default, Ocean will ask for the date of birth but you can enable other questions for additional security like health number, EMR ID, or a pre-determined access password. Ocean will use this information to check against the chart and ensure this patient is the correct recipient for the secure message.

    • Once the patient completes the validation step, they will be notified that their appointment has been confirmed. If you included any eForms in the email template, the patient will have the opportunity to complete them now.

      The appointment status will be updated to 'confirmed' in your EMR.

To learn more about setting up your reminder rules, please refer to "Creating / Configuring Patient Reminders".

To learn more about the product, please refer to "Patient Reminders Features".

Patient Reminders Dashboard

  • Login to the Ocean Portal, click Menu and navigate to the Patient Reminders view. See below for a description of the Patient Reminders Dashboard.

1 Reminders Configuration
A summary of your global settings. Only Ocean Administrative users can change these settings.
2 Sent Reminders History
A summary of Ocean Reminders sent in the past 7 days. For a full log of your Ocean Reminders, Ocean Administrative users can click Download Log.

Patient Reminders Settings

Note: You must be an Ocean administrative user to access Patient Reminders settings.

  • From the Patient Reminders Dashboard, click Settings in the top right corner. 
  • You will be taken to the Patient Reminders Settings page. Read below for a description of each section of this page.
  1. Activation Requirements

  2. A list of prerequisites for Patient Reminders. When all prerequisites have been met, proceed to editing your reminder settings. 

  3. Reminders Configuration

    • A summary of your global settings will appear. Click Edit Configuration to change these settings.

  4. 1 Enable Reminders
    If enabled, the system will begin sending out Patient Reminders on schedule.
    2 Test Mode

    If enabled, the system will send Patient Reminders on schedule, but using a designated (test) email address. This allows you to test your Patient Reminder settings for a period of time without emailing actual patients. Please refer to Testing Patient Reminders.

    Test Mode Email - With Test Mode enabled, Ocean will send reminders to this designated email address.

    3 Appointment Source
    Reminders can run from your EMR Schedule, or from Ocean eReferrals. To learn more about Ocean Reminders for eReferrals, refer to: Set Up Automated Referral Appointment Reminders.
    4 Time of Day
    The time of day when your reminder rule(s) will run. If you have multiple reminder rules, Ocean will take some time to send out patient reminders (therefore, patients may receive these reminders after the set ‘Time of Day’.
    Note for Accuro users with more than 3 rules: Due to a unique configuration between Ocean and Accuro, we recommend setting the 'Reminder Time of Day' for early in the morning (e.g. 6 AM) if you have more than 3 reminders. If you have more than 10 reminders, it is recommended that you set all reminders to be sent at least 2 days in advance.
    5 Appointment Confirmation
    If enabled, patients can confirm their upcoming appointments through the secure message area of their reminders. For more info see: Enabling Appointment Confirmation from Patient Reminders
    Click the Save button to save your changes.
  5. Reminder Rules

  6. On the Reminders Settings page, a summary of Reminder Rules will appear under the Reminder Rules heading. 
  7. 1 Add Reminder Rule
    Click this button to add a new reminder rule.
    2 Force Send All Reminders
    This allows you to send all reminders immediately (usually for test purposes).
    3 Reminder Rule
    A summary of each reminder rule for your site.
    4 Force Send
    This allows you to send the reminder immediately (usually for test purposes).
    5 Edit
    This allows you to edit an existing reminder.

Edit Reminder Rules

Note: You must be an Ocean administrative user to access Patient Reminders settings.

  • From the Patient Reminders Dashboard, click Settings in the top right corner.
  1. Edit Reminder Rule

    • On the Patient Reminders Settings page, click Add Reminder Rule or Edit on a reminder rule and you will be taken to the Edit Reminder Rule Page.

1Rule Name
Name your reminder rule.
2When should the reminder be sent?
Set the schedule for your reminder rule. Enter the number of days to send the reminder before/after the appointment.

Note: To send a reminder for appointments taking place on the same day, set this value to 0 days before the appointment.

3a.Messaging Template
Select the email template that will be used to email the patient. The email template has full support for Ocean Keywords, such as patient name, etc. [weblink] represents the link that the patient can click to confirm their appointment (if appointment confirmation is enabled), view any secure messages and/or complete any eForms assigned to that template. Any eForms added via the template can also be filled out using the tablet when the patient arrives, even if the patient does not use the link ahead of time.
3b.Messaging Template Preview
A preview of the email template selected in 3a. Please note that you cannot edit your messaging templates here. To edit your messaging templates, please refer to Patient Messaging Templates.

Note: If you have set notifications on the email template (e.g. 'Notify me when viewed'), these email notifications will go to your site's Clinical Administrator / Ocean Support Contact (set in the Admin view, Site Account tab).

4Rule Condition

Enter the condition that must be met for your reminder rule to send.

When entering values form your EMR, copy and paste the titles directly from your EMR. Please refer to "Managing Appointment Type / Reason for Visit for Reminders" for details on how to set appointment type(s) in your EMR. If using JavaScript expressions, please refer to Reminder Rules - Using Javascript Conditions.

By selecting this rule type, you can type in an appointment reason, as it appears in Accuro, PS Suite, Med Access or OSCAR PRO (e.g. Specialist Consult).

By selecting this rule type, you can type in an appointment type, as it appears in Accuro or OSCAR PRO(e.g. NP).

Note: Not supported for PS Suite or Med Access. Please use "Reason" instead.
Reason & Type:

By selecting this rule type, you can type in both an appointment reason and type, in the boxes that appear. Ensure that what you type in exactly matches what is in Accuro or OSCAR PRO.

Note: Not supported for PS Suite or Med Access. Please use "Reason" instead.

By selecting this rule type, you can customize your reminder audience with more precision.

For more information and further examples, refer to the article "Reminder Rules - Using Javascript Conditions".

Save your changes.
4 Cancel
Cancel any changes made to your reminder rule.

Managing Appointment Type / Reason for Visit for Reminders

Patient Reminders uses appointment types or reason for visit to determine who and what to send automated reminder emails to. You can customize your appointment types and reasons for visit by following the steps below.

PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Other EMR
  • Appointment Type

    • Log in to your OSCAR EMR and click on Administration at the top of your window. Select Schedule Management and Appointment Type List.
    • Here, you can create new appointment types or copy the Name of an existing appointment type and paste it into Ocean.
  • Reason for Visit

    • When booking an appointment for a patient, you can type a reason for visit in the large text area. Ocean will look to this text area for the appointment's reason for visit.
    • Ensure the text in this field exactly matches the reminder rule (watch out for capitalizations, hyphens and trailing spaces)
  • Using Appointment Types and/or Reasons for Visit

    • Once you've created your appointment type(s) and reason(s) for visit, you can select one or both from the "Type" and "Reason" dropdown lists when booking patients in for appointments.

This feature is currently only available for PS Suite, Med Access, Accuro and OSCAR users.

Testing Patient Reminders


To test Reminders, ensure your reminders are in Test Mode. This will ensure Ocean sends reminders to a test email address, instead of real patients.

Follow the steps below to enable Test Mode:

  • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the Menu button and select Patient Reminders. Click Settings in the top right corner. Under the summary of your Patient Reminder Settings, click Edit Configuration.
  • Ensure you've configured all of your Patient Reminder settings. Under the Test Mode heading, ensure you've selected enabled from the drop down menu. Under the Test Mode Email, ensure you've entered an email to receive your test reminders. 
  1. Prior to testing your reminder(s)

    • When testing your reminders, please ensure you have at least one appointment booked in your EMR that meets the reminder rule(s) criteria. We recommend doing this with a test patient first.
    • If you are booking appointments in your EMR right away, keep in mind that Ocean syncs with your EMR every 30 minutes and therefore it may not recognize the newly created appointment right away. To trigger a manual sync, navigate to the Patients view in the Ocean Portal and click Synchronize Appointments under the Actions menu in the left side bar.
  2. Immediately test your reminder(s)

    • To directly test the reminder, click Force Send for that reminder rule. Ocean will process that reminder (it will look for appointments in your EMR that follow that reminder criteria), and with Test Mode on, it will simply redirect the emails to the Test Email address.
    • Note: If you have included eForms in your reminder email template, these eForms will be added to the patients queue to complete. This allows you to fully test the flow of receiving a reminder email, reviewing any secure messages and completing any eForms as a patient in order to see how the notes will appear in the patients chart. If you'd like to remove these eForms from the patients queue, navigate to the Patients view in the Ocean Portal and click on the patient. All eForms in their queue will appear with an option to delete (red icon).

    Passively test your reminder(s)

      • To test your reminders passively, ensure that the 'Enable Reminders' and 'Test Mode' settings are enabled. Each day, Ocean will automatically send reminder emails based on the time set under the Time of Day field, as long as matching appointments are found in the EMR that meet your rule criteria.