Patient Reminders Settings

Note: You must be an Ocean administrative user to access Patient Reminders settings.

  • From the Patient Reminders Dashboard, click Settings in the top right corner. 
  • You will be taken to the Patient Reminders Settings page. Read below for a description of each section of this page.
  1. Activation Requirements

    • A list of prerequisites for Patient Reminders. When all prerequisites have been met, proceed to editing your reminder settings. 
  2. Reminders Configuration

    • A summary of your global settings will appear on the Patient Reminders Settings page.
    • Click Edit Configuration to change these settings.

  3. Appointment Source
    Reminders can run from your EMR Schedule, or from Ocean eReferrals. To learn more about Ocean Reminders for eReferrals, refer to: Set Up Automated Referral Appointment Reminders.
    Daily Run Time
    The time of day Ocean will start processing your reminder rule(s). Patients will receive reminder emails shortly after this time. If you have multiple reminder rules, Ocean will take some time to send out your patient reminders.
    Note for Accuro users with more than 3 rules: Due to a unique configuration between Ocean and Accuro, we recommend setting the 'Reminder Time of Day' for early in the morning (e.g. 6 AM) if you have more than 3 reminders. If you have more than 10 reminders, it is recommended that you set all reminders to be sent at least 2 days in advance.
    Text Message Reminders
    Clinics who would like to send text message reminders must acknowledge the additional fee per text message reminder and consider collecting text message consent. Learn more about text message reminders: Sending Patient Reminders via SMS Text Message.
    Save or Cancel
    Click the Save button to save your changes. Click the Cancel button to cancel your changes.
  4. Reminder Rules

  5. On the Reminders Settings page, a summary of Reminder Rules will appear under the Reminder Rules heading. 
  6. Add Reminder Rule
    Click this button to add a new reminder rule.
    Force Send All Reminders
    Triggers a send for all of your enabled reminder rules.

    Note: Forced sent reminder rules may take time to process and send. During this time, reminder rules cannot be edited.

    Reminder Rule
    A summary of each reminder rule for your site.
    Force Send
    Triggers a send for this enabled reminder rule.

    Note: A forced sent reminder rule may take time to process and send. During this time, the reminder rule cannot be edited.

    This allows you to enable or diable your reminder rule. An enabled rule will run at the configured reminder time of day. A diabled rule will not run (useful if you are still in the process of setting up your reminders).
    This allows you to edit an existing reminder.
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