Patient Reminders Dashboard

The Patient Reminders Dashboard allows you to view the status of your current Patient Reminders configuration, as well as the history of reminders that have been sent from your Ocean Site. To access the Patient Reminders Dashboard:

  • Login to the Ocean Portal.
  • Open the 'Menu' and click 'Patient Reminders.'

    A description of each area in the dashboard is provided below.

Reminders Status Bar
The status bar provides a summary of your Patient Reminders configuration. When at least one Reminder Rule is enabled, the status bar will be green. When no Reminder Rules are enabled, the status bar will be red.
The status bar also indicates the 'Daily Run Time' that you have configured for your Ocean Site, as well as the number of licensed EMR schedules that Reminder Rules can be run against.
Sent Reminders History
A summary of Ocean Reminders sent in the past 7 days will be displayed here.
Ocean Site Admins can click the 'Download Log' button to download a more detailed log of reminders sent in the past 14 days.
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