Testing Patient Reminders


To test Reminders, Cloud Connect must be enabled.

  1. Have an appointment booked in your EMR that follows your reminder rule

    • When testing your reminder, it's helpful to ensure you have at least one appointment booked in your EMR that meets the reminder rule(s) criteria. We recommend doing this with a test patient first.
  2. Test your reminder

    • To directly test the reminder, click Save & Test Rule on the Edit Reminder Rule page. Ocean will process that reminder (it will look for appointments in your EMR that follow that reminder criteria) and you will be directed to the Test Rule page. Note that Ocean will process the reminder rule based on the day you are running the test (e.g. testing a reminder rule set to go out 3 days before an appointment will search for matching appointments 3 days from the day you are testing).
    • The test rule page will load matching appointments. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of your clinic. See below for a breakdown of the test rule page and a description of each section.

Reminder Rule Summary

A summary of your reminder schedule and rule condition(s).

Matching Appointments

This area contains information on the matching appointments Ocean has found based on your reminder schedule and rule conditions in your EMR. See below for a detailed description of each area.

2a Filter By Provider
Use this filter to drill down on appointments for one specific provider.
2b Appointment Tiles
Use these additional filters to drill down on other appointment elements.
2c Appointment Table
Table of appointment specific information based on the filtering applied above.

Messaging Template Previews

A preview of the email template and/or text message that patients will receive. Full descriptions in this article: Edit Reminder Rules.

4. Action Bar

4 Enable Rule
Enables the reminder rule. Enabled rules will run according to the reminder rule schedule and will send reminders to patients at the scheduled time of day.
5 Return to Rule Settings
This will take you back to the Edit Reminder Rule page.
6 Rerun Test
This will rerun the test of the reminder rule against your EMR. Any changes made within your EMR will be reflected on this page.
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