Managing Appointment Type / Reason for Visit for Reminders

Patient Reminders uses appointment types or reason for visit to determine who and what to send automated reminder emails to. You can customize your appointment types and reasons for visit by following the steps below.

PS Suite Accuro Other EMR
  • Log in to your PS Suite EMR.
  • From the Dashboard window, click "Settings" and select "Preferences..." from the dropdown menu of options.
  • From within the Preferences window, select "Appointments". Click the "Add..." button to add a new appointment type.
  • The "Appointment Type" fields will show up below, where you can name the appointment type and determine what appears as the details suffix for patients booked under this appointment type.
  • Be sure to save your changes before you leave.
  • Once you've created your appointment type(s), you can select them from the "Type" dropdown list when booking patients in for appointments.
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