Managing Appointment Type / Reason for Visit for Reminders

Patient Reminders uses appointment types or reason for visit to determine who and what to send automated reminder emails to. You can customize your appointment types and reasons for visit by following the steps below.

PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Other EMR
  • Appointment Type

    • Log in to your OSCAR EMR and click on Administration at the top of your window. Select Schedule Management and Appointment Type List.
    • Here, you can create new appointment types or copy the Name of an existing appointment type and paste it into Ocean.
  • Reason for Visit

    • When booking an appointment for a patient, you can select a Reason from the drop down menu. Ocean will look at this value for the appointment's reason.
  • Using Appointment Types and/or Reasons for Visit

    • Once you've created your appointment type(s) and reason(s) for visit, you can select one or both from the "Type" and "Reason" dropdown lists when booking patients in for appointments.

This feature is currently only available for PS Suite, Med Access, Accuro and OSCAR users.

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