Can I recall a message that was sent to a patient through Ocean?

While it is not possible to recall an email that was sent through Ocean, it is possible to revoke access to any secure content that is accessible via the secure weblink in the email body.

This is achieved by purging the specific patient from the Ocean portal, which in turn deactivates the secure weblink found in the email body. Any previously sent unread secure messages, attachments, and/or eForms will be purged along with the patient reference. There is no impact on the existing patient chart in the EMR.

If you initiate a new email to the patient after they have been purged, the patient will resync to the Ocean site under a new reference number, empty eForm queue, and blank secure message history.

How to Purge a Patient from the Ocean Portal

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal and locate the patient within the "Patients" page. Select the patient by clicking their name.
    • Press the "Remove Patient" button from the list of actions on the right hand side.
    • You will be reminded that any data that has not yet been downloaded to the EMR will be lost, and be prompted to confirm the removal of the patient.
    • Click "Yes - Remove Patient" to purge the patient from Ocean.
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