Ocean Server Upgrade June 22nd, 2021 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for June 22nd, 2021 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following improvements and fixes. Recently created and updated support articles are listed below. 




  • eReferral Recipient sites can be configured (by request of a regional authority) to have the ability to change the status of an eReferral to ‘Complete’ without adding an appointment to it. 
  • Enabled Central Intake sites to add a referral appointment without specifying an appointment medium.
  • Referral Form Summary edits will only display the most current visible items (rather than also displaying hidden items). 
  • Added clarity to the audit log events by distinguishing between when a letter has been manually printed and when it has been automatically generated.  
  • Ocean’s OAuth2 token requests can now be configured to include a scope parameter.

Fixed Bugs

  • Cosmetic improvement to the Scheduling Pane in the eReferral view. 
  • Any update to the eReferral appointment medium will now trigger an email notification to the  patient.
  • Resolved error so that Ocean patient reference number appears in the OSCAR Ocean toolbar immediately after an eReferral is submitted.
  • Added a check to ensure eReferral site billing begins after the listing has been activated to accept eReferrals (Directory Listings > eReferral Policy section).
  • Addressed billing issue related to eReferral sites with multiple self-referral website forms. 
  • Improvements to ensure that appointment times are displayed properly in the Scheduling Panel view of sending sites.


Patient Engagement


  • Ocean will now forward Patient Messaging email notifications to the ‘clinical delegate email’ (listed in the My Account view and will no longer forward them to the primary and/or clinical delegates).
  • Incoming notes into Med Access will now be marked as "Active" rather than as "Completed".
  • Med Access Online Booking will now read templates from the EMR.
  • Added an Ocean Open API that returns an array of NoteIDs, completion date and associated statuses of all notes for a patient that match the search parameters.

Fixed Bugs

  • Accuro patient uploads will now include custom demographics even if the  patient does not have an upcoming appointment.
  • Fixed back button in the new Test Reminder Rule page for new rules.
  • Resolved bug so that the Test Reminder Rule page displays the correct count for 'No reminders sent' on email only reminders.
  • Addressed issue affecting the ability to upload images to a Patient Message by ‘copy/paste’.
  • Resolved bug affecting the utility of the “Disable EMR Appointment Type Mapping” dialog.




  • Added a ‘safety check’ notification to users to confirm the intended Ocean  site they wish to connect to when there are two different PSS/OSCAR EMRs instances that connect to the same Ocean site.
  • When a user changes their email address, a verification email will now be sent to the new address that will prompt the user to login into Ocean to finalize the update.  The former email address will receive an email once the update is completed.

Recent Support Articles

The following articles will be available on June 23rd, 2021 with new or updated content:

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