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What are Clinical Delegates?

Each Ocean user can specify any number of 'Clinical Delegates'. A Clinical Delegate is an Ocean user who has the ability to send an eReferral/eConsult on behalf of another user.

Assigning and Removing Clinical Delegates

  • In the Ocean Portal, open the Menu and select 'Admin'.
  • Select 'Users'.
  • Click 'Edit Delegates' for the user that you would like to assign or adjust delegates for.
  • Use the 'Add Clinical Delegates' dropdown button to assign the Clinical Delegate(s) for the user you are managing.
  • To assign the user you are currently managing as a Clinical Delegate for a different Ocean user, click the 'Add User' button in the lower section to choose the relevant user.
  • Clinical Delegates can be removed at any time by clicking the 'Remove' button.
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