This section of the Admin Settings page is where you can manage user access to your Ocean portal site. From this screen, you can add new user(s) to your site, grant user(s) administrative privileges to your site, edit delegates and remove user(s) from your site.

Export Users

The 'Export Users' button allows you to download a .csv file master list of all the users on your Ocean site and their respective information, including:

  • Username: The user's Ocean account username.
  • First Name: The user's first name.
  • Surname: The user's surname.
  • Linked EMR Provider: The specific provider that is mapped under the "EMR Provider" column on the Users page.
  • EMR Username: The EMR username that the Ocean user account has been linked to for this Ocean Site.
  • Clinical Delegate Email Populated [Y/N]: Whether or not the Clinical Delegate Email setting is populated in the user's account settings.
  • Referral Notification Email Populated [Y/N]: Whether or not the Referral Notification Email setting is populated in the user's account settings.
  • List of all Clinical Delegates: The list of usernames for all assigned Clinical Delegates, if applicable.
  • Number of Clinical Delegates: The count of the users shown in the "Primary Delegate" column of the report.
  • Clinician Type: The User Role as set within the user's Ocean account settings.
  • License Mapped to User: The type of license mapped to the user.
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