Site Features

Digits for Generated Patient Refs:
This will allow you to change the number of digits required for Ocean-generated patient reference numbers (i.e. the code you enter into tablets to retrieve a specific patient's queued forms).
Read more about this feature in this support article: I see a lot of patients and am running out of Ocean-generated reference numbers. How do I increase the number of digits for patient refs?
Require Form Memory for New Patients:
Check this box if you have forms that require form memory (e.g. forms with firstTime tablet rules). Read more about Form Memory in Form Memory - Storing Form Values for Patients in Ocean.
Allow the Ocean Kiosk to create patients in your EMR for walk-in patients:
When set to "Kiosk Mode," the Ocean Tablet application can also accept walk-in patients who do not have pre-booked appointments. For more information, please refer to the guide Set Up Ocean to Support Walk-In Patients.
Use Test Mode for anonymous EMR users:
Check this box if you want an EMR user that is not signed into Ocean to launch into Test Mode by default when accessing the Ocean Healthmap from their EMR. Checking this box ensures that they only send test referrals until their user setup has been completed.
Allow accepted website forms to create patients in your EMR:
Check this box if you would like a new EMR chart to be created if Ocean cannot find a matching patient prior to downloading their completed Website Form. For further information, please refer to Importing Website Form Submissions from the Ocean Portal to an EMR.
Allow accepted online bookings to create patients in your EMR:
Check this box if you would like a new EMR chart to be created if Ocean cannot find a matching patient after their online booking request has been accepted.
Show Ocean Reference # in your EMR schedule when Forms are manually queued:
For supported EMR integrations, Ocean has the ability to display the Ocean Patient Reference Number in the scheduler for patients that have eForms available to be completed. For further information, please refer to How can I display Ocean Patient Reference Numbers in my appointment scheduler?
Two Factor Authentication:
This allows you to set Two Factor Authentication as optional or mandatory for all Users on your Ocean site. For information on setting Two Factor Authentication as mandatory, please see: How can I enforce Two-Factor Authentication for all users on my Ocean site?
Enable Ocean Cloud Connect:
This box is automatically enabled once Ocean Cloud Connect has been configured. If unchecked, automatic syncing of patient information between the EMR and Ocean will cease. For information on Cloud Connect, please see Setting Up Ocean Cloud Connect.
Delete All Patients in Site?:
This button will delete all the patients you have loaded in the Patients tab of your Ocean Site. Ensure that all your patients' notes are downloaded before proceeding with this deletion.
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