Site Features

Accept eReferrals:
Check this box if your site is listed in the directory and you are set up to accept eReferrals.
Health Information Custodian:
This option is only available for sites accepting eReferrals. You must specify if you clinic is a health information custodian.
Client Type:
Leave this as the default "Standard Clinic", unless you are a site that ONLY sends and/or receives eReferrals.
Digits for Generated Patient Refs:
This will allow you to change the number of digits required for Ocean-generated patient reference numbers (i.e. the code you enter into tablets to retrieve a specific patient's queued forms). Read more about this feature in I see a lot of patients and am running out of Ocean-generated reference numbers. How do I increase the number of digits for patient refs?.
Patient eReferral Email Notifications:
Check this box if you would like your site and your patients to receive automatic notification emails whenever the status of an eReferral related to them has been updated.
Overdue Secure Message Notifications:
This will allow you choose whether to get notified about all patients with overdue secure messages (using the "Notify me after ___ days" feature of the secure messaging feature) or only newly overdue secure messages.
Require Form Memory for New Patients:
Check this box if you have forms that require form memory (e.g. forms with firstTime tablet rules). Read more about Form Memory in Form Memory - Storing Form Values for Patients in Ocean.
Restrict Patient Messages Settings for Non-Admins:
Non-admin users are not allowed to edit the contents of email templates prior to sending secure Patient Messages.
Accept Walk-In Patients:
When set to "Kiosk Mode," the Ocean Tablet application can also accept walk-in patients who do not have pre-booked appointments. For more information, please refer to the guide Set Up Ocean to Support Walk-In Patients.
Use Test Mode for anonymous EMR users:
When enabled, a referrer has to be signed into the Ocean Healthmap to send a real eReferral to a clinic. When not signed in, only test referrals can be sent.
Enable Ocean Cloud Connect:
This box is automatically enabled once Ocean Cloud Connect has been configured. If unchecked, automatic syncing of patient information between the EMR and Ocean will cease. For information on Cloud Connect, please see Setting Up Ocean Cloud Connect.
Delete All Patients in Site?:
This button will delete all the patients you have loaded in the Patients tab of your Ocean Portal. Ensure that all your patients' notes are downloaded before proceeding with this deletion.
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