Directory Listings

Directory Listings are required for certain Ocean products. You can create and configure a Directory Listing for your Ocean Site by logging into the Ocean Portal, clicking on the "Menu" button in the top left corner and selecting "Admin", and then "Directory Listings".

Contact Information

Listing Name
The name of your Directory Listing.
Street Address
The corresponding street address for the listing.
Address Line 2
The secondary address line, if applicable.
The city for the listing.
The province for the listing.
Postal Code
The postal code for the listing.
Public Facing Phone
The phone number for the listing.
The fax number for the listing.
Public Email for Directory Listing
An email address for the listing. This is displayed on the listing in the Ocean Healthmap.
Contact Email for Patient Notifications
A contact email address included in patient email notifications regarding their eReferral.
A website address for the listing.
A logo for the listing. Logos are limited to 10 MB in size.
The corresponding Organization for this listing, if applicable.
Service Details

Provide general descriptive information about the listing.
The Health Service Offerings (HSOs) that are offered by the listing. Clicking on an HSO opens the offering-specific configuration window. For details about each HSO-specific setting, please refer to the following article: What do the different Health Service Offering settings mean?
Wait Time
Click the 'Manage Wait Time Info' button to manage the wait time information for the Offers. For more information, please refer to Managing Calculated and Self-Reported Wait Times.
The languages that services are offered in by the listing.
Appointment Labels
The appointment labels that are selectable in the Scheduling area of incoming referrals. Appointment labels determine which appointment date(s) are used in wait time calculations.
Label options include: Appointment 1, Appointment 2, Appointment 3, Appointment 4, Appointment 5, Initial Visit Date, Follow-Up Date, Consultation Date, Surgical Date, Procedure Date
Appointment Default Medium
Specify which Medium should be the default when scheduling an appointment within an eReferral.
Keyword tags for advanced filtering.
Clinician Information
Only applicable if this Directory Listing is specific to a single healthcare provider. Include provider-specific details including name, professional and billing IDs, and User Role. This information is stored and maintained independently from any Clinician Information stored within individual Ocean user accounts.
Referral Form
Select an Ocean eForm to be used as the referral form for the listing. The referral form contains the questions that a referring provider fills out when submitting an eReferral to the listing.
Online Booking URL
Include an online booking URL to appear on the listing.
External System URL
Used with external system integrations to redirect users after an eReferral has been sent when enabled.
Catchment Area
Specify a geographic region for which the listing accepts eReferrals from.
Central Intake Listing
Specify a Central Intake Listing to automatically redirect incoming eReferrals to.
Regional Authority

Regional Authority Application

  • If you are participating in a provincial program, you may be instructed to apply to a Regional Authority.
  • You can apply by clicking 'Apply to Regional Authority'.
  • You will be prompted to enter the number of clinicians authorized to receive eReferrals and/or eConsults at the Directory Listing. For more information on this prompt, please refer to this article.
  • You will then be prompted to select the Regional Authority that you wish to apply to.
  • Once selected, the application will be sent to the chosen Regional Authority site for review, and you will be notified by email when the application is approved.
  • Once your application has been approved by the Regional Authority, your configuration options will be visible as detailed below.

Regional Authority Settings (Once Approved)

Regional Authority
The name of the Regional Authority that has approved your Directory Listing.
Number of Clinicians
The number of clinicians represented by this Directory Listing, with the option to provide a contextual comment. For more information, please refer to this article.
Service Request Repository
Control the contribution of your referral data to a Service Request Repository.
eReferral Policy

Accept eReferrals
Determines whether or not eReferrals can currently be sent to the listing.
Splitting Policy
Choose the behaviour for eReferrals which have more than one health service specified. Enable this checkbox if you would like eReferrals with multiple health services to be automatically split into separate referrals.
Referrer Restrictions
Enforces that referrers must be one of the following User Roles: Family Physician, Specialist, Nurse Practitioner
Manual Forward Policy
Specify the default behaviour for determining communication responsibilities for referrals which are forwarded* to an offline recipient which is not using Ocean.
*Note : The manual forward policy setting only applies when the Ocean site is the third Site to handle the referral during its lifecycle.

eReferral Test Mode
When enabled, only test eReferrals can be sent to the listing.
Mark as Demo Listing
When enabled, the listing will only appear to Ocean Healthmap users who are in test mode. This setting is only present when eReferral Test Mode is also enabled.
Displays the date that the Ocean Site's Public/Private Key Pair was last updated.
Referral Notification Email
Any notifications regarding eReferrals sent to this specific listing will be directed to this email, overriding the notification email set at the Site-Wide level.
More information on email notifications for received referrals can be found in Set Up Receiver Email Notifications.
Referral Subscription
Select your preferred billing model.
If your Ocean Site has a custom referral integration configured, it can be selected using the dropdown menu.
External Service ID
Specify an ID value to be used by integrated systems to identify the listing. The ID can be alphanumeric.
Resubmission Restrictions
When enabled, referrers cannot resubmit a referral that has been declined by the listing.

Note: You need to set up and claim your directory listing to be able to edit it from this window. To learn more about setting up a directory listing, please refer to the linked articles for setting up a Website Form or eReferrals.

Information from the 'Contact Information' section of the Directory Listing is also shown to patients during the online appointment booking confirmation process.

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