Can I run a report listing the secure messages I have sent and whether the patient has responded?

Ocean offers several 'canned' reports that can give you insight into how your providers and patients are utilizing Patient Messages and Reminders.  They provide record level data that can be exported for analysis.  You can access them by logging into the Ocean Portal, clicking on the "Menu" button in the top left corner and selecting "Admin". From the Admin Settings page, click "Reports"

The reports below provide insights into Patient Messages activity.

  • Secure Message Sent - Secure Messages that did not include any eForm attachments
  • Form Sent Email Link - Patient Messages containing an eForm. If there are multiple forms attached to the Patient Message, the report will include a row for each attachment.
  • *New Email Invitation Link Created for Patient - All Secure Messages and/or Reminders sent (whether or not they contained an eForm attachment)
  • Secure Message Confirmed - Secure messages that have been accessed by the patient.
  • *Form Completed - This report includes the types of forms that were completed during a specific time period (both online or via tablet/kiosk).

NOTE: Reports marked with '*' will also return records related to other Ocean products. These are included in the report description.

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