Accuro: Mapping Answers from an Ocean eForm to a Custom Demographics Field


    • Custom demographic fields have been created in Accuro
  • Custom demographic fields are populated for at least 1 patient in Accuro
    • Custom demographic fields must be enabled in Ocean Cloud Connect
  1. Tag your custom demographic note in your Ocean eForm.

    • When you are building your eForms, if you "tag" a caption or custom note by surrounding a single word with "@" and ": $$", then the value of that item will be available for use with EMR field mapping.
    • Multi-Word Responses

      If the response value entered by a patient includes multiple words, Ocean will by default only capture the first word.

      To fully capture a multi-word patient response, place quotation marks around the $$ characters in the Custom Note like so: @taggedField: "$$"

    • If you would like to pre-populate the eForm field with the custom demographic value recorded for that patient in Accuro, ensure that the "Prepopulate this item with" field is set to: "@ptCustom.EMRField" (where 'EMRField' is the name of your custom demographic).
    • Important Note:

      If your custom demographics field is more than one word in Accuro, you will need to combine the phrase into one word.

      For example: If your custom demographic field is called "Email Consent" in Accuro, your "Custom Note" will be @EmailConsent in the eForm and your "Prepopulate this item with" field will be @ptCustom.EmailConsent.

  2. Create the corresponding custom demographic in Ocean.

    • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the "Menu" button in the top left corner and select "Admin".
    • From the Admin Settings page, click "EMR Field Mapping" and select "Add Row".
    • Next, ensure the "Type" dropdown is set to "Custom Demographic."
    • The "Tagged Field" column's value corresponds to the field in your Ocean eForm (all one word, without the leading '@' or ': $$' portions -- i.e. EmailConsent)
    • Name the "EMR Field" the exact value of the custom demographic name in Accuro.
    • Be sure to Save Changes before leaving this page.
  3. Test out your new custom demographic.

    • Now, if a patient completes an Ocean eForm that contains your custom demographic item, the result will be set in the corresponding custom demographic field in the patient's chart.
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