As a Regional Authority Admin, how do I set the Service Request Repository?

Regional Authority (RA) sites have the ability to configure the contribution of referral data for all sites approved under the RA to a Service Request Repository.

A Service Request Repository is an external system configured and maintained by a Regional Authority to aggregate various pieces of referral data. This allows health systems to better plan resources by collecting information about wait times and more.

This article walks through the first step of selecting the repository that the data should be contributed to at the RA level.


  • Your Ocean Site must be configured as a Regional Authority.
  • You must have Site Admin access on the Regional Authority site.
  • On the RA site, navigate to the Admin Settings page and select 'Regional Authority'.
  • Use the dropdown menu below the 'Service Request Repository' heading to specify the repository that referral data for all sites approved under the RA should be contributed to.
  • Press 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Once the Service Request Repository has been configured by following the steps above, RA users with Site Admin access can enable or disable the ability for individual Ocean Sites under the RA to contribute data to the selected repository by following the steps in this article.

Disabling Repository Contribution at the Regional Authority Level

If repository contribution needs to be temporarily disabled, the repository can be set back to 'None' using the dropdown menu. When re-enabled, prior enablement for sites approved under the RA will be restored.

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