As a Central Intake user, how can I determine the Requested Provider for an eReferral?

Central Intake sites receive referrals by either having referring providers send them directly to the Central Intake Listing on the Ocean Healthmap, or by having recipient sites automatically redirect their inbound referrals to the Central Intake Listing.

When an automatically redirected referral is received at a Central Intake site, Central Intake users can see which listing the referral was originally sent to by looking at the 'Requested Provider' within the referral.

If no 'Requested Provider' is specified, then the referral was sent directly to the Central Intake listing on the Ocean Healthmap.

The example below shows a referral which was originally sent to the 'Dr. Lisa Smith' listing on the Ocean Healthmap, but was then automatically redirected to the 'Orthopedic Central Intake'.

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