Accuro: Manually Uploading Patients into Ocean

Normally, Ocean will automatically resynchronize appointments with the Accuro appointment schedule every 30 minutes. This is generally a sufficient time frame to have all the patients who need to fill out Ocean forms, loaded into Ocean.

However, if you go to email a patient more than a week in advance of their appointment, you may sometimes find that they are not in Ocean yet. Not to worry - you can easily upload this patient into Ocean by using a Ocean online message CDS link or the "Fetch Patient" feature in the Ocean Portal.

After your patient has been uploaded into Ocean, you can send the patient a message by clicking on their name, as you normally would.

CDS Link Ocean Portal
  • Once you've selected a patient in your Accuro EMR, you can use either the "Ocean Portal" or "Send Ocean Online Message" CDS link from the main target Accuro menu to directly upload a patient into Ocean, right from your EMR.
  • Once you've selected the CDS link for the patient, Ocean should upload the patient into less than 30 seconds.
  • Once the patient has successfully been uploaded into Ocean, you should be redirected to either the Ocean Portal with the patient selected or the Ocean online message editor window.
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