How can a Support Site User generate analytics for the sites they support?

Support Site Users who assist with onboarding other eReferral users can obtain a report which lists all of their supported users and the last time each user has sent an eReferral.

  • This report can be used to identify users that have not yet started sending eReferrals (e.g., a Non-Adopted Report) within the Supported Sites.
  • The report generates data on all end users within Supported Sites. Support Site Users themselves are not included in the export.
  • For more information on Support Sites and how to assign one for your Ocean site, please see Adding a Support Site to Your Site.

Generating the Report

Note: You must be a Site Admin on the Support Site in order to generate the report.

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal and select your name in the top-right corner.
  • Select 'User Settings'.
  • Press 'Export Past Year Support Site User Analytics' on the left side. A .csv file will automatically download.

Understanding the Report

This report queries referral analytics for the last one year and will export your data in a .csv file that can be opened using Microsoft Excel. It includes the following columns:

The Ocean site number of the site currently managing the referral as a receiving provider.
The name of the referral site.
The referrer's User Role as specified within their Ocean user account. One of the following: "Allied Health Professional", "Family Physician", "Medical Student", "MOA / Secretary", "Nurse", "Nurse Practitioner", "Resident", "Specialist" or "Other".
The referrer's Professional ID, such as the CPSO # for an Ontario physician.
The referring clinician’s name.
The Ocean username representing the referring clinician.
The last date that the user had a referral sent signed in their name. If the referralLastSent field is blank it means that the user (or their delegate*) has not yet sent a referral, or it has been more than a year since they have done so.

*Note: Delegates sending referrals on behalf of a clinician will have their referral last sent date attributed to the relevant clinician (i.e., not the delegate themselves).

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