How can a Support Site User generate analytics for the sites they support?

Support Site Users who assist with onboarding other eReferral users can obtain a report which lists all of their supported users and the last time each user has sent an eReferral.

  • This report can be used to identify users that have not yet started sending eReferrals (e.g., a Non-Adopted Report) within the Supported Sites.
  • The report generates data on all users within Supported Sites. Users that are simply associated with the Support Site User by being part of the same Ocean Site are not included in the export.
  • For more information on Support Sites and how to assign one for your Ocean site, please see Adding a Support Site to Your Site.

Generating the Report

Note: You must be a Site Admin on the Support Site in order to generate the report.

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal and select your name in the top-right corner.
  • Select 'User Settings'.
  • Press 'Export Past Year Support Site User Analytics' on the left side. A .csv file will automatically download.

Understanding the Report

This report queries referral analytics for the last one year and will export your data in a .csv file that can be opened using Microsoft Excel. It includes the following columns:

The Ocean site number of the site currently managing the referral as a receiving provider.
The name of the referral site.
The referrer's User Role as specified within their Ocean user account. One of the following: "Allied Health Professional", "Family Physician", "Medical Student", "MOA / Secretary", "Nurse", "Nurse Practitioner", "Resident", "Specialist" or "Other".
The referrer's Professional ID, such as the CPSO # for an Ontario physician.
The referring clinician’s name.
The Ocean username representing the referring clinician.
The last date that the user had a referral sent signed in their name. If the referralLastSent field is blank it means that the user (or their delegate*) has not yet sent a referral, or it has been more than a year since they have done so.

*Note: Delegates sending referrals on behalf of a clinician will have their referral last sent date attributed to the relevant clinician (i.e., not the delegate themselves).

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