Ocean Server Upgrade June 30th, 2022 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for June 30th, 2022 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following  improvements and fixes.

Provider Network


  • Implemented virus scan when attaching EMR files to new eReferrals and when attaching EMR files to existing eReferrals.
  • Users with a clinician type of ‘Nurse practitioner’ can now send a CT or MRI eReferral without requiring an authorizing physician.
  • The appointment medium will now be displayed to eReferral senders in the Scheduling Pane.
  • Open API integrations can now add an outbound authorization service in the Integrations page.

Fixed Bugs

  • Updated the method for capturing the referral notification email when an eReferral is sent using the Delegate "Other Referrer" option.
  • Referrals forwarded to a standard directory listing at a Central Intake site will now be included in the site's referral analytics.
  • Addressed an error caused when users attempt to update a directory listing claimed to the eFax site.
  • Addressed an error preventing Referring Providers from being able to save updates in the Scheduling Pane of eReferrals sent via eFax.


Patient Engagement


  • A single Online Booking appointment type restriction can now be applied to multiple EMR time slots within a single provider schedule.

Fixed Bugs

  • The Template Manager > advanced setting > overdue notification will now accept a value of zero (0) or blank.
  • Addressed an error causing reminder rule failures for sites that have converted their referral reminder rules to patient reminder rules.


Happy Canada Day!

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