Can I send messages and eForms to patients ahead of their referral appointment?

Yes, eReferral recipients can use Ocean's Patient Messaging functionalities to securely message patients and send them Ocean eForms to complete ahead of their appointment.

Please note that to use Ocean's Patient Messaging functionalities, a Patient Messaging & Reminders License is required. For additional information on the cost of Ocean's Patient Engagement products, please see our pricing page.

1. Set Up Patient Messages

Complete the steps in the Set Up Patient Messages guide to enable and configure patient messaging on your Ocean site.

2. Sending a Patient Message and/or eForms from an eReferral

  • Locate the relevant eReferral within Ocean, and click on it to open it.
  • Within the eReferral, expand the 'Patient's Note' tab by clicking on it, and then press the envelope icon.
  • Use the pop-up window to send a customized message and/or eForm to the patient, or select one of your existing templates for convenience. When your message is ready, press 'Send'.

    For additional information regarding the options in this window, please refer to Patient Messages Settings.

3. Patient Confirms Secure Message and/or Completes eForms

  • The patient will receive an email prompting them to view any secure messages, and complete any outstanding eForms.
  • After clicking the hyperlink in the email, patients will be able to view any secure messages, and press 'Next' to complete any outstanding eForms.

3. Review Patient's Note within the eReferral

  • After the patient completes their eForm(s), the generated eForm note can be found within the 'Patient's Note' area of the eReferral.

    Note: If your Ocean site is integrated with your EMR, the generated eForm note will automatically be added to the respective patient's chart.

    If your Ocean site is not integrated with your EMR, you will need to manually import the generated notes.

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