How do I change the Health Service and Description for eReferrals that I receive?

You are able to change the current Health Service and/or Description of a received eReferral directly within the referral itself. This can be helpful in the case where an incorrect or inaccurate Health Service was selected by the referrer. It can then be corrected to a more appropriate or more specific service by the referral recipient. You can also modify the Description that is shown for the referral, while still maintaining the assigned Health Service.

  • After logging in to the Ocean Portal, locate and open the referral that you would like to change the Health Service and/or Description for.
  • Within the referral, click on the current Health Service displayed at the top.
  • Use the 'Health Service' text box to search for and select your desired service. After typing in a few key characters, the list of matching Health Services will appear for you to select from.
  • Use the 'Description' text box to enter your desired description of the referral. This is useful for adding more specific information, such as the right or left side of the body, if applicable.
  • Press the 'Save' button to apply your changes to the referral when ready.
  • If a new 'Description'' was provided, it will be visible within the referral and it's corresponding status folder.

Note: While it visually appears that the 'Description' overwrites the 'Health Service', rest assured that the currently assigned Health Service is properly recorded for referral analytics reporting.

In the example above, the original 'General Surgery' Health Service ID is recorded as the 'initialHealthService' analytic value, while the updated and more specific 'Orthopedics: Shoulder' Health Service ID is stored as the 'currentHealthService' analytic value. The textual 'Right Shoulder' description is not stored as an analytic value.

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