How do I Resubmit or Redirect a cancelled/declined eReferral/eConsult?

  • If an eReferral/eConsult is cancelled or declined, you may choose to resubmit it to the last recipient, or alternatively redirect it to a new recipient.
  • These options are available within the Action Menu of the eReferral/eConsult.

Resubmit (Last Recipient)

The 'Resubmit (Last Recipient)' option is available to both senders and recipients, and can be used to resubmit the referral/consult to the last recipient they were previously cancelled from, or declined at.

  • If necessary, the original sender can update or add additional information to their referral form answers prior to resubmitting by clicking the pencil icon within the 'Referral Form Summary' area.
  • Once the referral form answers are updated, you can click the 'Resubmit (Last Recipient)' option in the Action menu.

Redirect (New Recipient)

The 'Redirect (New Recipient)' option is available to senders only, and can be used to initiate a new referral/consult to a brand new recipient on the Ocean Healthmap, while reusing the patient demographic information and any attachments found in the 'Messaging' area of the original referral/consult.

  • Within the original referral/consult, open the Action menu and select 'Redirect (New Recipient)'.
  • You will be prompted to optionally include a 'Reason for Redirect', which will be shared with the patient and the new referral recipient via email notification, and recorded in the 'Messaging' area of the new referral.

    Note: If no reason is provided, there is no indication to the new recipient that the new eReferral/eConsult originates from the redirection of a prior referral.

  • After selecting a new recipient to redirect the referral/consult to using the Ocean Healthmap, the Patient Information and Attachments from the original referral are automatically populated on the new referral form.
  • Complete the new recipient's referral form, review the included attachments, and click 'Send'.
  • If a 'Reason for Redirect' was provided, it will appear in the 'Messaging' area of the new referral, along with any attachments.

Redirection Analytics

The analytics for the original declined/cancelled referral are not impacted.

The new referral created as a result of the redirection will have a 'redirectedFromReferralRef' analytic value containing the unique referral reference value of the original cancelled/declined referral.

Note that the 'redirectedFromReferralRef' analytic is not included in the Core Analytics Export. It must be obtained using a custom Export Template.

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