How can I communicate with an eReferral sender/recipient?

  • You're able to communicate with an eReferral sender or recipient by using the 'Messaging' area within an eReferral.

How do I send a message?

  • Within the 'Messaging' area of the eReferral, simply select the appropriate message recipient (if multiple parties are involved in the referral), type your message into the text box, optionally add an attachment, and press 'Send'.
  • For increased efficiency, you can also create canned responses for your Ocean Site that are easily selectable using the speech bubble icon.
  • The message recipient will receive an email notification that you have sent them a message.

Additional Message Functionalities

  • Once a message has been sent, additional functionalities can be accessed by clicking clicking on the message header.
  • Note: The 'Amend' and 'Delete' options are only available to the user who sent the message.

Download Addendum Letter
Downloads a PDF document containing basic eReferral information and the selected message.
Copies the selected message into the new message text field, to allow for additional information to be added.
Deletes the message.
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