Ocean Server Upgrade February 3rd, 2022 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for February 3rd, 2022 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following improvements and fixes.


Provider Network


  • The Status column in the Sent folders of the Portal view has been cleaned up and simplified to match that of the Patient Dashboard view, for ease of sorting and reviewing referrals.
  • An “Appointment Type” and “Booked” column has been added to the Sent - Booking folders to allow senders to filter and sort on referrals by booking dates.
  • Aligned the Ocean eReferral status mapping with the expanded list of  OSCAR Pro (WELL EMR) Consultation statuses. For example, this includes mapping “Booked - Confirmed” referrals to a new “Booking Confirmed” status in the Oscar consultation, instead of updating the consultation to “Completed” right away.
  • Notes added by a referrer within the Ocean eReferral page will now update the new "Notes" section in the OSCAR Pro (WELL EMR) Consultation window.
  • eReferrals sent via eFax will appear in the Patient Dashboard view’s Status column as ‘Sent via eFax’ (NOTE: This is only applicable to participants in the eFax pilot at this time).
  • The HL7 FHIR eReferral “Notify Update Appointment” API can now be used to remove an appointment.
  • The ‘Allow note entry’ configuration setting for API integrations has been updated so that when it is disabled, neither sender or receiver can add a note to the referral.  It has been relabeled as "Allow shared note entry".  
  • The "Allow referral note edits" configuration setting for API integrations has been relabeled as "Allow Referral Form Summary edits" for clarity.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Addressed bug preventing Regional Authority admin users from viewing the Patient and Provider Survey Link Fields.
  • Patient self-referrals will now be counted in the referral analytics.


Patient Engagement


  • As part of our Online Booking WCAG AA improvements, patients booking an online appointment will be warned before their session times out. The warning will give the patient the option to continue where they left off. If the session timeout is exceeded, the patient will be redirected back to the check in page.
  • Accessibility improvements have been made to the progress bar that guides patients through the Online Booking flow.
  • Patients booking online with their browser language set to French will now receive the email notifications for booking confirmations and cancellations in French.
  • eForms submitted via Patient Messages, Patient Reminders and Tablets into the OSCAR Pro (WELL EMR) Documents section as Ocean notes will now always be in PDF format. 

Fixed Bugs:

  • Resolved bug causing Ocean to send an Oscar appointment confirmation update that incorrectly changed appointment status.
  • Resolved bug so that appointments on the last day of the month are retrieved from OSCAR Pro (WELL EMR).
  • Trimmed whitespaces that were causing email addresses to be considered invalid when converting from an OSCAR Pro (WELL EMR) Patient into an Ocean Patient.




  • Ocean users will now be warned before their session times out. The warning will give the user the option to continue where they left off. If the session timeout is exceeded, they will be redirected the Ocean login page.
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