Ocean Server Upgrade September 16th, 2021 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for September 16th, 2021 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following improvements and fixes.



  • Implemented a virus scanning service for attachments added to eReferrals submitted through the Ocean Healthmap, Referral Website Form Links, or as Inbound eReferrals (Note: the service currently scans attachment uploads from within the eReferral. Scanning for EMR uploaded attachments will follow in a later release).
  • Removed the "Client Type" setting from the Site Features page. 
  • Removed the 'Accept eReferrals/Provider Messages' setting from the Site Features page, and associated functionality.  Site enablement to accept eReferrals is now set only within the Directory Listing.
  • Expanded the information presented in the dialog prompt for site admins to validate a directory listing.

Fixed Bugs

  • The appointment times selection preview that is displayed in the Referral Settings Configuration page will only show time slots between the specified earliest and latest booking times.
  • Resolved bugs related to metadata tags that were preventing the eReferral Note TIFF files from loading.


Patient Engagement


  • Site admins can now specify an email address to receive Website Form update notifications that is distinct from the email address used to receive eReferral update notifications.
  • Online Booking UI accessibility-related enhancements.
  • Enhanced methods to prevent duplicate documents uploads into Accuro upon post-error retries. 

Fixed Bugs

  • Resolved bug causing the wrong date to be used as the overdue date for some Patient Messages.
  • When a new provider licence is enabled in the Providers page, it now appears immediately in the Users page’s EMR Provider field.

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