Ocean Server Upgrade August 5th, 2021 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for August 5th, 2021 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following features, improvements and fixes.

NOTE: Beginning with this sprint, Ocean releases will occur every third week on Thursday evenings.   Release notes will also be published on these Thursdays. 




  • Redesigned Ocean’s Admin Settings page.
  • Sites that do not have an Ocean-EMR integration can now import a patient demographics batch file to enable eReferral pre-population.
  • Added referral analytics related to appointment events in order to capture the appointment medium, the confirmed state of the referral, who confirmed the appointment info, and whether an appointment reminder was emailed to the patient.

Fixed Bugs

  • Referrals that are marked as ‘Completed’ by Central Intake sites that have the ability to close a referral without an appointment will now appear in the ‘Completed’ folder.
  • Resolved issue so that field mappings with extra spaces in the lab results can still be published in Accuro.
  • Cloud Connect will now test that a URL is accessible prior to completing an OSCAR/ Well Health (OSCAR Pro) setup.
  • Ensured Ocean Toolbar externalPatientRef is consistently populated across all Well Health (OSCAR Pro) encounter screens.

Patient Engagement


  • Site Admins can now access a detailed history for each sent Reminder rule from the Sent Reminders History page. It will display the individual appointments relevant to the Reminder rule, those that received an email, those that received a text message and those that could not receive a reminder (with an explanation).


  • Users can now configure how Ocean interacts with the Well Health (OSCAR Pro) Appointment Status Manager within the Reminder rule settings. 

Fixed Bugs

  • Ocean will no longer revert the appointment status of 'Confirmed' back to the Ocean reminder 'Sent' status for Well Health (OSCAR Pro).
  • Resolved error that blocked Online Booking when a "Book Day Off" had been applied to the schedule in Accuro.
  • Included an error message to notify the user when the Online Booking appointment type restrictions matches the appointment type selected in the configuration page.
  • The Reminders Test Rule page will display appointments in the site’s timezone. 
  • The records retrieved in the downloaded Reminder logs will now show the time the reminder was sent in the site's timezone.
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