Ocean Server Upgrade March 30th, 2021 Release Notes

The Ocean Server upgrade scheduled for March 30th, 2021 at 9:30 PM EST contains the following improvements and fixes. Recently created and updated support articles are listed below. 



  • “Master” referrals (referrals that are sent with more than one health service assigned, and split by the recipient site), will now be referenced as “Source” referrals in Ocean.
  • Improved the ease of identifying and navigating between Source Referrals and their related Child Referrals.
  • Patient demographic updates made to either the Source or Child Referral will be reflected in all related referrals (Source, ‘sibling’ Child referrals).
  • The Child Referral's analytics will reflect the data specific to the Child Referral (rather than the Source Referral). 
  • Added audits and referral events to capture when patient demographics are changed.
  • Added the capability for Ocean to send the "send-communication-from-requester" HL7 FHIR API event and to parse and process a "send-communication-from-provider" event sent by a downstream system.
  • FHIR eReferral API Documentation
    • Documentation on how to generate the required OAuth2 tokens to authenticate with the Ocean endpoint.
    • Documentation and example payloads for outbound messages (send eReferral, communication about the referral, revoke referral) and inbound referral updates (i.e. update-service-request, notify-create-appointment, notify-update-appointment, and incoming communication messages).

Fixed Bugs

  • Deployed additional referral dashboard index optimization.

Patient Engagement


  • Separated out a channel of mail delivery for bulk email send jobs to ensure individual patient messaging is not backed up behind large email blasts. As a result, individual patient messages will be delivered more quickly in all circumstances; batch email delivery may be delayed under high volume email situations as has been seen lately for COVID vaccine information sharing.
  • Updated the Patient Reminders email appointment confirmation to use a synchronous flow.
  • Improved the clarity of the statuses displayed while a Patient Reminders ‘Force Send’ is being processed.
  • Ocean will now set the appointment ‘medium’ (i.e. phone, virtual visit) in PSS for appointments generated by Online Booking.

Fixed Bugs

  • Removed the term ‘eRequest’ from the header in the EMR note when Website Form submission is imported.

Recent Support Articles

The following articles will be available on March 31st, 2021 with new or updated content:


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